Fire Double Staff, Set of 2, 3ft with Wick Made of Kevlar and Cushion Grip, by:Trick Concepts

  • Made from 3/4" aircraft grade #6061-T6 black anodized Aluminum Tubing for strength & durability.
  • Single Wick on each end with 4' ft of 2" wide x 1/16" thick Kevlar for strength and burn time.
  • 2 black Padded Grips provide comfort, heat resistance and moisture absorption for less slippage.
  • Reflective Tape center sections make it easier to see and feel while spinning and tossing.
  • Sold in pairs. - Made in USA!

Fire Stick/Baton Staff, 2ft with Wick Made of Kevlar, Cushion Grip (Sold Individually), by:Trick Concepts

  • Made from 3/4" aircraft grade #6061-T6 black anodized Aluminum Tubing for strength & durability.
  • Single Wick on each end with 3' ft of 1.5" wide x 1/16" thick Kevlar for strength and burn time.
  • A black Padded Grips provides comfort, heat resistance and moisture absorption for less slippage.
  • Reflective tape makes staff easy to see for tossing.
  • Sold individually. - Made in USA!

Flames N Games para-Aramid FIRE Wick Webbing 100cm Length + Travel Bag! Wick for Fire Staffs - Fire Devilsticks - Fire Juggling Toys (100mm)

  • Great quality fire wick webbing for many different fire props such as Fire Devisticks, Fire Staffs, Fire Breathing Wands and more!
  • This fire wick is a para-aramid based webbing that is specifically designed for use with paraffin solvents. Also known to the majority of the world as Kevlar. It is extremely resistant to both heat and friction, and is capable of absorbing large quantities of fuel for its mass. Our fire wicks do not contain dangerous copper mesh and is as resistant if not more so than wicks that do. Available in four different widths.
  • The quality weave itself has been developed to minimise fraying and extend the life time of fire wick. If used properly this wick should last you several hundred burns if not more! 25mm fire wick is ideal for very small fire toys like fire fans, or those requiring a very small and short lived flame such as fire eating wands. We strongly recommend using paraffin-based fuel rather than alcohol-based fuel to prolong the life of the wick. 3mm thick. 1m long.
  • This wick also comes with a branded Flames N Games drawstring bag for you to put your spare wicking in, or even your phone, wallet or keys while you practice. These bags are unique to Flames N Games products.
  • Visit our Flames N Games Amazon store for the full range of fire toys and accessories that we stock, as well as the massive range of other spinning, juggling equipment, and fire spinning toys. From Juggling balls, diabolos, Juggling clubs, Glow and Fire Poi, to FlowerSticks, Kendama, Hula Hoops, Fire Staffs, Unicycles, Spinning Plates, YoYos and MUCH more!

Fire Dancing Fire Spinning Fire Poi T-Shirt

  • Fire poi, also known as fire spinning, fire dancing, or poi spinning uses a lighted staff and fire poi balls to create awesome fire poi lightshows at raves & festivals. This fire poi gift is just as essential as fire spinning poi equipment & accessories.
  • Pair this fire poi design with a fire poi set, fire poi balls, fire poi staff, or fire poi equipment for a complete gift for the fire dancer or fire spinner in your life or any lover of flow arts, fire spinning, fire poi, or fire dancing.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

OUERMAMA Black Magic Cane Metal Appearing Cane with Video Tutorial and Free Gloves, Pocket Staff Magic Tricks

  • Coming with Video Tutorial: The Video Will Teach You How to Extend and Close The Cane.The Video Tutorial Link and QR code is in The Package
  • This Cane Is Made From Metal, So It Is Even More Impressive When Appears In The Blink Of An Eye, Durable, Allows You to Reuse and Recycle Multiple Times
  • Spring Switch: Easy for One Hand Extending, Lightning Speed, Show The Best Stage Magic Effects
  • Extending Length: 3.6 ft / 110 cm. Free Gloves: A Pair of Gloves Can Protect Your Palms and Don't Interfere with Finger When You Learn How to Close The Cane
  • Packet Includes: Black Metal Wand x1 + A Pair of FREE Gloves

Fire Spinning Staff, 5ft with Wick Made of Kevlar and Cushion Grip, by:Trick Concepts

  • Made from 1 inch aircraft grade #6061-T6 black anodized Aluminum Tubing for strength & durability
  • Single Wick on each end with 4' ft of 3" wide x 1/16" thick Kevlar for strength and burn time
  • Wooden Plugs placed into each end ensure a secure attachment point and prevent heat transfer
  • 2 black Padded Grips provide comfort, heat resistance and moisture absorption for less slippage
  • Reflective Tape center sections make it easier to see and feel while spinning and tossing

FIRE MECCA Fire Poi 3" Woven Kevlar Heads, Twisted Link Chain Leashes, Leather Loops, 24" Overall Length (end-to-end)

  • WOVEN KEVLAR HEADS - FIRE MECCA poi feature a pair of 3" MoonBlaze heads made by hand in sunny Tucson, Arizona, USA. Our distinct MoonBlaze knot soaks up the ideal fuel ratio and produces long lasting, spectacular flames. Burn times range from 4-7 minutes in warm, dry environments. The elongated shape provides excellent balance and control when spinning.
  • ROBUST HARDWARE - The leashes attach to the MoonBlaze heads with incredibly strong hardware rated for extreme conditions to ensure your poi are securely assembled. We use commercially available parts in our construction so individual pieces can be replaced as normal wear and tear occurs. Quick Link connectors allow for simple replacement when your MoonBlaze heads need to be replaced.
  • REPLACEABLE COMPONENTS - When the Kevlar degrades, the heads can be easily removed and replaced. MoonBlaze heads are available individually to replace your heads when the time comes. With proper storage and fuel application, you can expect years of use with our durable construction.
  • TWIST LINK CHAIN - Our poi leashes are manufactured with twist-link chain to minimize tangles that can occur when performing advanced tricks. Twist link chain is more durable and has replaced ball chain, which was traditionally used in fire poi leash construction.
  • SINGLE LOOP LEATHER HANDLES - The loop handles are American-made leather that we lasercut and process ourselves. These handles provide a firm grip on your fire poi. Leash handles are attached with Quick Link connectors for easy replacement when normal wear and tear occurs.

FIRE MECCA Fire Staff - Custom Aluminum Fire Staff for Fire Spinning and Fire Dancing (60" Length)

  • WOVEN KEVLAR HEADS - Our hand-woven Fire Staff wicks are available in two styles; Fire Mecca’s signature Moonblaze knot, optimal for flame size and longer burn times, or our basic Rolled Wick. Kevlar wicks are fastened directly to the staff body with hardware that's been stress-tested in extreme environments for durability. With proper care and storage, your wicks will last for years.
  • STRONG BALANCED BODY - The ¾ in aluminum has been hard-anodized, making it twice as strong as steel and resistant to scratches. Weight is added to the ends for balance and allows for slower, more controlled spinning. Each component of the staff is designed to be lightweight and durable.
  • GRIPPED FOR HANDLING - High performance sports grip tape helps improve handling by combining tack, absorbency and durability. Grip extends about a foot from center, allowing for great control and comfortable handling, even with more advanced moves. Each staff is marked with a small strip of holographic tape to help you find your center.
  • SIZING YOUR STAFF - Your ideal staff length depends on how tall you are. Use a tape measure to measure from the ground to the bottom of your chin. Our staffs come standard in lengths of 4.5ft (1.37m) and 5ft (1.52m), including the wick. Whichever is the closest to your chin height will be a good length for you. Longer staffs will spin slower for longer, which is very helpful when learning or practicing control.
  • FESTIVAL FAVORITE - Fire Mecca has been providing safe, hand-crafted fire dancing props since 2005. We've brought our premier quality fire dancing equipment to dozens of flow and juggling festivals, serving thousands of satisfied customers. We are one of the original US prop manufacturers and we will always take pride in lighting up so many lives!

Emoin Dancing Cactus,Talking Cactus Toy,Sunny The Cactus Repeats What You Say,Electronic Dancing Cactus Toy with Lighting,Singing Cactus Recording Cactus Mimicking Toy for Kids

  • 【Repeat Cactus Toy/Talking Cactus Toy】:(Recording & Repeating & Glowing & Talking & Wiggle & Mimicking & Sing & Dance)---- Dancing Cactus can Repeat What You Say, Dancing cactus light up singing . (Our shipping address is LA), If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us
  • 【More Options 】If you only need singing and swinging cactus please click on the brand to enter or search asin: B08THR8MCP to buy, it will be cheaper.
  • 【Talking Cactus Toy Operation Process】: 1. At the bottom, remove the screw with a screwdriver, install AA batteries 3 pack, and tighten the screw.Black button at the bottom:ON; 2. Press the label button on the cactus,cactus can sing; 3 . Press repeatedly to switch to the next song - 100 songs ; 4.Left Label:Long press to record,15 seconds at most,and press to play sound --- Right Label:press to play music,you can record after the song is paused
  • 【Mimicking Cactus Toy 】--- Sing Multiple Cheery Songs - Dancing Cactus Repeat What You Say,Dancing Cactus Recording - This Battery Operated dancing cactus plant toy can dance with the rhythm, cactus toy sing songs,electric dancing cactus bringing your child a happy time in a life time.cactus plush toy for International children's day gift
  • 【Repeat Dancing Cactus Plush in Pot】----Dancing Cactus Repeating:Electronic shake dancing cactus plush ,talking and dancing cactus,singing cactus perfect accessory for home decoration, party, good for early childhood education.dancing cactus plush in pot funny dancing cactus plush toy,cactus dancing toy
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