Pro Fire Poi Set - Double Burner - 4x65mm Wicks by Flames N Games + Travel Bag!

  • Flames N Games Professional Set of Fire Poi made by us in the UK!
  • High quality fire poi set with 4 x 65mm wicks, oval chain, durable & comfortable double finger loops and heavy duty ball bearing swivels & quick links!
  • All our fire poi are made to the highest standard with safety & durability in mind!
  • Our poi have no exposed metal parts and all components are designed to last many years!
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Beginner Fire Poi Set by Flames N Games - 50mm Wicks + Travel Bag!

  • The FIRESTARTER Fire poi by Juggle Dream is an excellent budget option for those looking to get started with fire. These fire poi have a respectable flame but are not too daunting, making them perfect for beginner to intermediate users of fire poi!
  • Each poi head is mounted on 50cm of strong welded link chain with riveted double loop nylon webbing handles.'
  • Each head uses 470mm of 50mm wide 100% kevlar wick this mean Bigger Flames and longer burn times compare to the old V1 version of 45mm wicks. Aprox burn time 5-10min depending on conditions.
  • Check out our other listings in our shop for more great deals & other cool toys!!!

Value Fire Poi - Entry-level Fire Poi for Beginner Fire Spinners and Fire Dancers by Fire Mecca

  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS - Our introductory fire poi set is an economic alternative to our moonblaze poi sets, for poi spinners who are still deciding if fire is right for them.
  • POI LENGTH - The standard length of our Introductory Poi sets is 24”, measuring from the end of the wick to the end of the poi handle.
  • WOVEN KEVLAR HEADS - The rolled wick design measures 2” by 2”, creating a smaller, manageable flame, while still maintaining good surface area for fuel absorption resulting in longer, brighter burns.
  • ROBUST HARDWARE - Hardware is easily operated and made to last. Each component of the leash has been stress tested for extreme environments to ensure the safety of you and your audience.
  • SECURE LEASHES - SECURE LEASHES - Sets feature single-loop nylon handles Chains are nickel plated steel with an integrated handle end swivel. The chain continues through the center of the poi head for an extra secure connection.

FIRE MECCA Fire Rope Dart - 12' Cotton Rope Lead, 3" Woven Kevlar Head Premium Performance Prop for Professional and Amateur Fire Dancers and Marital Artists

  • WOVEN KEVLAR HEAD - The Fire Mecca Rope Dart features a 3" woven, kevlar head manufactured in sunny Tucson, Arizona, USA. Our distinct MoonBlaze knot soaks up the perfect volume of fuel and provides extraordinary burn times lasting upwards of 7 minutes in dry environments. The elongated shape provides excellent balance and control when spinning.
  • REPLACEABLE HEADS - The head can be detached with pliers so that it is easily replaced with a practice dart head. Replacement Moonblaze heads are available for sale when the time comes to replace your kevlar head. With proper storage and fuel use, you can expect years of use with our durable construction.
  • RELIABLE HARDWARE - The rope dart's head is attached with easily operated and robust hardware. Heads are attached via a quicklink to a short length of twist link chain, and a swivel connected to the cotton lead. The quicklink can be easily opened and closed with a small set of pliers in order to change the head. Tighten them with pliers at the beginning of every burn to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. The twist link and swivel allow smooth trajectory during launches.
  • DURABLE LEAD - The durable, 5/16", white, cotton rope lead is comfortable to grip and provides great texture for those that enjoy a more tactile lead. The lead is 12' long to help you reach those long shots! At the end of the rope is a comfortable PX3 knob to prevent slipping during long launches and contact dart tricks. Too long or short of a lead can make rope management tricky, so we made adjusting your new rope easy!
  • FESTIVAL FAVORITE - Fire Mecca has been providing safe, hand crafted fire dancing props since 2005. We've brought our premier quality fire dancing equipment to dozens of flow and juggling festivals with have thousands of satisfied customers. We are one of the original US prop manufacturers and we will always take pride in lighting up so many lives!
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