Fire Eating/Fleshing Torches - Rubber Grips, Stainless Steel Shaft, Wick Made of Kevlar, by:Trick Concepts

  • Perfect for beginners, or those who are new to fire.
  • Torches are 12 in length with a 1" wick made of high quality Kevlar wick for strength & durability.
  • Comfortable rubber handle provides comfort, heat resistance and a secure grip.
  • Made in USA! - Sold in pairs.
  • Wick attached with Technora cord for a secure metal free top of the wick.

All-Natural Fire Starters for Fire Pit, Easy Lighting Wick Charcoal Grill Lighter Fire Starter Cubes, 20 Minutes Burn Time, 48-Pack

  • LONG DURATION: Each fire starter cube burns for 20 minutes, which is a much longer burn time compared to other starters of similar size. The compact and lightness of the 0.9" x 1.25" cubes makes them perfect for lean-to fire or any tight situations with limited space.
  • VERSATILE USE: Compatible to use as a fire starter with most popular cooking appliances, such as the Kamado Joe Classic, Weber Smokey Joe, Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker, the Ooni Pizza Oven, Outdoor Firebowl and Kingso Fire Pit. They'll also combine perfectly with various types of fuel, like fogo lump charcoal, oak wood or any similar hardwood lump charcoal.
  • QUICK FIRE WHENEVER YOU NEED IT: We created the Easy Wick for quick and easy fire lighting every single time. It provides a path for controlled and complete burning, ensuring that there are no materials wasted. Even when placed sideways, the fire starter cubes will still burn evenly.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Use these compact and safe lighter cubes to start fire for wood burning, BBQs, fireplace, campfire, grills, and anywhere you wish. They're good to use for any setting or occasion, such as a campsite, your backyard, indoor chimney, fireplace, and more!
  • SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLED MATERIAL: Made from 100% natural pine wood, plus wax and cotton. Rest assured that there are no additional additives with our fire starters.

Kaeser Wilderness Supply Fatwood Fire Starting Sticks Tinder Torch Wick Ferro Rod Camping Backpacking Survival Made to Last

  • (1) Tin full of sticks of fatwood, 4" long. Saves you the time of splitting sticks, these are ready to go.
  • (1) Tinder torch wick, 12" hemp rope infused in soy wax for a long burn, 5 1/12" tube. Total burn time over 2 hours. Made from hemp rope infused in soy wax for a clean, non-toxic burn. Use a ferro rod to ignite into a flame in a second by fraying the end of the hemp rope. Slide rope though the tube to control flame size, pull flame into tube to put flame out. 
  • (1) High quality ferro rod, 3" long, 5/16" thick, will last for thousands of strikes. (1) Carbon steel striker scraper that will produce extreme sparks from any ferro rod. Includes concave serrated end, hex wrench, bottle opener and ruler. Will last a lifetime. (1) Tin, 4 1/2" long x 3 5/8" wide x 7/8" high, comes with a ranger band
  • Kaeser Wilderness fire starting kits are made from the most durable materials available. All of our kits are tested in the wilderness before we offer them for sale. Designed and assembled right here in the USA, our survival and fires starting kits are built to perform every time even under the most severed conditions. Thank for looking. See you out on the trail. Steve Kaeser

Qwick Wick Fire Starters - 65 Pack with Storage Bucket - Great for Fireplace, Wood Stoves, Camp Fires

  • ALL NATURAL, ALL SEASON FIRE STARTER made from wax and natural wood chips. No toxic fumes or harmful chemicals. Safe to store near food. Includes storage bucket and 65 Qwick Wicks
  • LIGHTS EVEN WHEN WET with no kindling nor newspaper needed. Place one Qwick Wick approximately 2” under dry wood. Light wick and Enjoy!
  • BOILS 8 CUPS OF WATER one unit burns an 8 inch to 10 inch flame for approximately 30 Minutes and will bring 8 cups of water to a boil
  • QUICK AND EASY great for starting fires in your fireplace, wood stove, outdoor fire pits, and campfires. Perfect for hunting and camping trips, emergency survival. Convenient, lightweight and portable.
  • WILL NOT BLOW OUT. Great for wet and windy days. To extinguish, smother flame or turn upside down with a utensil

berleben Tindr Wick & Bellow - Parrafin Wax Infused Hemp Tinder Tube, Fire Starter - Includes Black Anodized Aluminum Sleeve & Slider Box - for All Weather, 60 Minute Burn Time - Survival Kit

  • INFUSED HEMP WICK - Überleben's Tindår Wick is made from our KeroDry paraffin-wax infused hemp, it'll make fire starting a piece of cake. Just fluff out the end and get some sparks from a ferro rod. It's like a matchstick, but it'll burn for an hour
  • WICK FOR ANY WEATHER - The KeroDry infused hemp wick is the tinder you want when you need to survive. This fiber rope with its 6mm thickness and 13" length will beat any weather, any time. No matter how wet it is, the Tindår wick will light
  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM SLEEVE - Control the wick's burn rate or snuff out the flame by sliding the included sleeve. Its made from anodized aluminum and has a hex profile to dissipate heat efficiently and keep it cool to the touch
  • DOUBLES AS A BELLOW - The 3-inch sleeve weighs less than an ounce and doubles as a minimalist bellow, perfect for small or solo fires. Simply pull the wick out and get bellowing to help your fire flare up, the Tindår has your back
  • INCLUDED SLIDER BOX - The Überleben Tindår comes with an aluminum slider box. At approximately 3.75"L x 2.5"W x 1"D (9.53x6.35x2.54cm) it may not seem like much, but it's perfect for starting a mini fire or survival kit. Store your wick and ferro rod

berleben Tindr Wick Refill Pack of 3 - Parrafin Wax Infused Hemp Tinder Tube, Fire Starter - for All Weather, 60 Minute Burn Time - Survival Kit

  • INFUSED HEMP WICK - Überleben's Tindår Wick is made from our KeroDry paraffin-wax infused hemp, it'll make fire starting a piece of cake. Just fluff out the end and get some sparks from a ferro rod. It's like a matchstick, but it'll burn for an hour
  • WICK FOR ANY WEATHER - The KeroDry infused hemp wick is the tinder you want when you need to survive. This fiber rope with its 6mm thickness and 13" length will beat any weather, any time. No matter how wet it is, the Tindår wick will light
  • PACK OF 3 WICKS - The Überleben Tindår Wick Refill Pack contains 3 replacement wicks, each with 6mm x 13" sizing. That's over 3 feet of slow-burning tinder to get your fire going. Each individual wick will burn consecutively for 60 minutes
  • ESSENTIAL FOR ANY SURVIVAL KIT- The Tindår Wick is essential to any enthusiast's survival kit, a firestarter capable of enduring any weather, in a convenient lightweight size that will ignite at ease
  • EASY TO REPLACE - To replace, simply roll the wick tip up and twist it into your Tindår Bellow, bellow not included with the refill pack

Aobik Multicolored Glass Outdoor Tabletop Torch Set, Fiberglass Wicks,Stainless Steel Lid with Fire Cover Caps,6-inch High,Blue,Green,Yellow & Rose,Set of 4 (4 Colors Jars Included)

  • 6.5 Inch High Glass Molded Mason Jar Fuel Oil Table Torch Lights Lamp, Very Artable 4 Colors Gradient Ramp print Jars,Fastness Non-discolouring
  • 2.7 Inch Wide Mouth Jar,easy filling add fuel,never spills out of the jar;Clear body also easy net you view the fuel remain.
  • Easy to use, open the box and insert the wick to lid, add fuel and close the lid,then all right. A pint/16oz of fuel can provide 7 hours burn time. Easy to use, open the box and insert the wick to lid, add fuel and closed the lid,then burn it. A pint(16oz) of fuel can provide about 7 hours continuous burning time.Fuel Not Inclued.
  • Simple and basics mason jar table torches,the flame dancing make a high atmosphere,suit for campfire party,bar,sea side,patio,table,dinner,or outdoor lighting.
  • 4 pack value set, If you don't like it when you receive the package, we accept full refund without any words. All products proided 1-Year aftersales service! Extremely affordable,extreme bang for your buck.

Play Wick Made with Kevlar - 20mmx5mm for Fire Toys - (1) 3 Ft. Length

  • 3 foot long
  • 20mm width
  • 5mm Thick
  • Strong, quality, woven Kevlar
  • For use with fire juggling

BBTO 6 Pieces Jute Tinder Tube Waterproof Wax Wick Fire Starter Accessory with Aluminum Sleeve for Outdoor Camping Hiking Trekking Supplies

  • Reliable to use: these wax wick fire starter are made of jute rope and coated with wax, durable and waterproof to use, non-toxic and no peculiar smell, light in weight and portable to carry, boasting a cumulative burn time of over 60 minutes, can serve you long time
  • Enough length: the jute tinder tube measure approx. 33 cm/13 inch in length and 6 mm in diameter, enough length to meet your various use and replacement, you can cut it into suitable size for your outdoor use, not easy to tear up and slip off
  • Wide applications: these fire starting ropes can be trimmed to your desired length to suits for different usages, necessary accessories for outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, trekking, backpacking, picnic, emergency and more, help you start a fire easily and conveniently
  • Aluminum sleeve: the round profile is designed to efficiently dissipate heat and cool extremely quickly for easy handling, aluminum sleeve slides laterally to control burn rate, always exercise extreme caution when using this rope
  • You will receive: you will receive 6 rolls of wax wick in this package, enough quantity for your daily or outdoor activity use and replacement, necessary accessory that bring you more convenience for outdoor fire ignition

Fire Starter Survival Tool - Parrafin Wax Infused Hemp Tinder Fire Starter Tube - Bushcraft and Survival Tools- Use with Ferro Rod or Flint and Steel Fire Starter Kit - 39" Long Wick Tinder + Firewand

  • Easy Ignition - Endless Flame - Light with one spark from your ferro rod fire starter. Fluff the end of the wick, light and use your mobile flame as your multi-purpose fire starters for campfires
  • Versatile Tinder - Waxed hemp wick boasting a cumulative burn time of over 3 hours. 39 inches (100cm) of wick can be cut into multiple wicks for ease of use
  • Extinguish with Just One Hand- Safely control your flame burn rate with just one hand. Extend the wick for a larger flame or retract back into the tube to completely extinguish your flame
  • Compact and Lightweight - Add this tinderbox fire starter to your fire starting kit. Less than 1 ounce and fits into any pocket or pack. Use with The Atomic Bear Fire Spark Kit to complete your hiking gear, camping gear and survival gear kits
  • Lifetime Warranty - We are proud to support you with our lifetime guarantee and product use education. Get to know us at The Atomic Bear

Wick Works | Large Dumpster Fire Candle | Parafin Wax | Unique Funny Gift Novelty Adults Can Enjoy! (Unscented)

  • High-Quality Paraffin Wax that burns to slowly
  • BURN TIME | 40-50 HOURS | The Wick Works candle burns like it won’t end, basically like 2020.
  • DIMENSIONS | 5″ wide x 3.4″ deep x 3″ tall | About the size of a coffee mug laying on its side…after you’ve spilled it all over your keyboard.
  • FUNNY OR SAD? | Can’t it be either? This is the ultimate piece of home decor, perfect for yourself or as a gift. Wouldn’t it look great in the background of your next conference call? Don’t burn it, burn it halfway, or burn it all to the ground!

BSGB 4Pcs Fire Starter Survival Jute Tinder Wick Refill Waterproof Wax Wick Survival Fire Rope Matchstick Fire Tab Ferro Rod Flint and Steel (Wick Refill Rope)

  • Quality material: wax infused hemp wick are made of jute rope and coated with wax, durable and waterproof to use, non-toxic and no peculiar smell, light in weight.The jute rope measure approx.45 cm/ 18 inches in length and 8 mm/ 0.34 inch in diameter, enough length to meet your various use and replacement, About one-hour cumulative burn time per wick.
  • Weatherproof: this tinder rope is thick and natural, made of jute rope, wax infused, so it is easy and quick to light and also has strong wind resistance; When the wind blows, it is not so easy to extinguish, and it is more wind resistant than ordinary twine.
  • Convenient to use:a piece of rope is made up of 4 strands of string that you can tear off, each strand burns for about 20 minutes on its own. All natural tinder is great for starting fires. You just simply fluff the end of the rope so that several fibers get exposed, effortlessly ignite the tip part and your flame is now mobile, easy to start fire.
  • Abundant quantity: 4pcs tinder rope are packed together in 1 package, this emergency fire starter can work in any weather conditions or at any altitude to ignite, including rain, sunlight, snow, wind, high altitude.Mother Nature can be brutal at times, so it is important to have a tinder quick fire starter tool when you are out there.
  • Widely application: you can light fire whenever you need them, practical tool for jungle adventure, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, every day carry, etc., suitable for lighting campfires, barbecues, signal fires or emergency situations.

CrocSee Survival Wick Hemp Cord Tinder Waterproof and Aluminum Bellows Tube Sleeve Kits for Fire Starting (2)

  • WATERPROOF Wax Infused Natural Hemp cord Tinder will ignite with a single spark. It works seamlessly with your Flint and Steel, Ferro Rods or Any Other Fire Starters. Proprietary wax-infused natural hemp cord works in all weather conditions.
  • FLUFF IT & LIGHT IT. Simply fray the ends of the tinder wick each time you go to light it by twisting and separating all the fibers making it fluffy. Then watch it instantly ignite from the sparks of a Ferro Rod.
  • MORE THAN 60 Minutes of Burn Time! Thickness 15/64" x 15" in total length. The aluminum bellows can control burn rate or snuff flame out. It lasts longer than you think.
  • PREMIUM Black Anodized Bellow. Aluminum alloy bellow cools quickly and is lightweight. 3.15" Long compact enough for your pocket, but long enough to keep you safely away from the flames.
  • Item Included: 2 x Wax Infused Natural Hemp Cords and 2 x aluminum bellows. Any fire starters are not included. Go with bayite Ferro Rods Kits and Start a Campfire, Grill or Camping Stove in ALL Weather Conditions.

PREPARED4X Fire Starter Survival Tool Ultimate All-in-one Ferro Rod, Flint and Steel, 36" Waterproof Tinder Wick Rope, Patented Fire Starter Kit 6 x 1/2 or 4 x 3/8 Fire Steel

  • LIGHT A FIRE ANYWHERE INSTANTLY – Patented Survival Torch produces a shower of sparks guided directly to the wick so your fire ignites fast even in the wind and pouring rain. Start your fire regardless of what nature is throwing at you.
  • ULTIMATE FIRE-STARTER TOOL – No need to buy a separate ferrocerium rod, striker, tinder wick, and bellow because this fire kit includes everything you need to create a safe, controlled fire.
  • EASY TO USE FLINT FIRE STARTER – With the premium quality ferrocerium and unique curved striker directing sparks straight to the wick, you can ditch hard to hold and difficult to use ferro rods and easily make your fire.
  • WILL NOT FAIL YOU – You get 3+ hours of continuous burn time or thousands of single-strike uses, and the fire starter tool is highly effective even if it’s been soaking in water.
  • PREPARED FOR ANYTHING – You never know when you are going to be in an emergency especially in the wilderness so make sure to tuck this all-in-one survival fire starter tool into your bug out bag. Perfect for Bushcraft, Survival, Hiking, and Camping.

REHTAEL Tinder Wick and Bellow, [40-Inch] Hemp Wick Cord Waterproof with Aluminum Tube Sleeve for Fire Starting (1)

  • Tube with thumb opening
  • 3+ Hours of Burn Time -- Thickness 6-mm x 40-inch in total length, this extended version lasts longer than other fire tinder rope, you can freely cut it into any suitable size, no one who needs a few 10 or 20 inch tinder cords for adventure…
  • Thumb Opening for One-hand Control -- The aluminum tube is (6 inches) long enough to keep you safely away from the flames, and designed with thumb opening to control fire rate or extinguish with just One-Hand
  • Durable & Effective Wick Hemp Cord -- The survival tinder is made of natural jute cord and coated with wax to ensure non-toxic/odorless/waterproof, it will ignite with a single spark and works in all weather conditions
  • Fluff it, Light it, Enjoy it -- Fray the end of the tinder wick every time you need to light it by twisting and separating all the fibers making it fluffy, Then grab a ferro rod and aim a group of sparks towards the fluff and watch it instantly ignite, Now your flame is mobile like a match but much better to start your campfire/grill/camping stove etc, Finally you finish using the flame, simply extinguish it by putting it in the bellow
  • What You Get -- 1 x 40-inch wax infused natural hemp cord, 1 x 6-inch tube with tumb opening; Fire starters are not included. Go and find a professional ferro rod in the brand REHTAEL

yusud Permanent Match Accessories, Never Ending Matchstick Parts, Forever Matches Strike Anywhere Replaceable Kit Included Scrapers, Flint Fire Starter Rods, Wicks and Sealed Waterproof Rubber Rings

  • 【Practical Match Accessories】After the flint rod of the permanent match lighter is damaged, it is not worth having to buy a new match again. These accessories will help you reignite your match. The 3 flint starter rods will extend the life of your match lighter three times, realizing a true "forever".
  • 【Affordable And Quality Ensure】We promise that these accessories will be sold at an affordable price with a 1-year warranty. Any problems such as receipt of empty boxes, defective or damaged accessories, etc. Please contact us, we will provide every customer with satisfactory after-sales service.
  • 【Durable And Replaceable】The sturdy forever match lighter can match good for at least 10,000 strikes. But with these accessories, you can make the match strike 30,000 times. Never ending match with the premium quality magnesium core striker rod, which works equally well even when wet or cold.
  • 【How To Use】Use a tool to pry up the old flint rod, apply appropriate glue on the flint groove to stick the new flint rod. You can use pliers to take out the old scraping head and wick and replace them with new accessories. After simple and easy operation, you can make new flint fire starter.
  • 【Package Included】2 scrapers, 3 flint Fire Starter rods, 3 wicks and 6 "O"-Sealed Waterproof rubber rings. You can take them with your emergency survival match to camping, traveling and hunting, and you can replace new accessories when needed.

10 Pieces Tinder Tube Waterproof Wax Wick Survival Wick Cords Fire Starter Accessory with Aluminum Sleeve for Fire Starting When Camping Hiking Trekking Outdoor Adventure

  • Aluminum sleeve for burning control: the circular profile is designed for effective heat dissipation and fast cooling; It is long enough to keep you safe from the flames but compact for your pocket storage; You can slide it laterally to control the burning rate or extinguish the flame; Please watch out when using this fire starting rope
  • Waterproof and durable: the wax wick fire starter is made of jute rope and coated with wax, which is waterproof and durable to use; It is non-toxic without peculiar smell and the cumulative burning time is more than 60 minutes; It is 35 cm/ 13.8 inches in length and 0.8 cm/ 0.3 inch in diameter, which can serve you for a long time
  • Easy to use: the jute tinder tube works well with your flint and steel; It can instantly ignite from the sparks of your ferro rod and applied like a match to start your campfire, grill, camping stove and so on; You can end up the flame by simply pulling it into the aluminum tube; The wax-infused jute rope works well in most weather conditions
  • Package contents: you will get 10 rolls of wax cords in this package, they are enough for your daily use or outdoor activities and replacement; Your outdoor ignition will become more convenient and easier with them
  • Wide applications: the wick cord fire starter can be trimmed to your desired length to meet your various needs; It is a nice survival tool for many outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics and more, which can help you start fire easily and quickly

Fire Mecca Quicksilver Fire Wicks [4 Pack]- Fire Hoop Quick-Attach Wicks, Clamp on to Any Hulahoop -(4) Fire Wicks

  • TRUE SILVER - Our fabricators assemble these beautiful wick clamps using real silver to guarantee indestructible welds.
  • OPTIMIZED DESIGN - Fire Mecca has reconstructed our Clamp-On Hoop Wicks to ensure they are safe and reliable, using cutting-edge techniques and top-quality hardware. These Hoop Wicks are capable of withstanding multiple drops without losing integrity, they attach securely to virtually any hoop, and can detach conveniently for storage, transport or removal.
  • WOVEN KEVLAR HEADS - Hoop Wicks feature 1.5 cubic inches of kevlar material woven into our signature Moonblaze knot for bright and manageable flames. Wicks can be sold individually as universal replacements for any fire hoop, or as a set if you’re looking to convert your hoop to fire.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE BODY - Braided steel cable is strong, lightweight, and flexible enough to withstand immense shock damage without bending or breaking. Stainless steel hose clamps are long-lasting and can attach to any tubing between 7/16in and 25/32in in diameter. The cable and clamp have been brazed with silver in high temperatures, creating corrosion-resistant joints that are stronger than their base metals.
  • STRONG AND VERSATILE - The flexibility of the spines and strength of brazed steel create a virtually indestructible wick body, while the easily adjusted hose clamps allow for safe and convenient installation and replacement. These wicks should only be used with durable hula-hoops that you are experienced with.

DeBizz Fire Starter Rope | Tinder Wick, 5-Pack Extra Large Natural Hemp Survival Tinder Hemp Wick for Camping Hiking Backpacking and More Field Survival Activities

  • Easy and Quick Ignite -This tinder wick or tinder rope can be starting any fires with safety, ease and convenience, to ensure fast and easy burn with just one touch these tinder wick catch fire no matter what method you used, the best choice for indoor & outdoor fires.
  • Natural Raw Materials - Made of 100% environmentally friendly renewable raw hemp and saturated food-grade highly refined wax, to ensure easy and safety burn without dangerous petrochemicals, non-toxic and no peculiar smell.
  • Long Lasting - tinder rope overall length is 4 Inches, the width is 0.8 inch, It burns for a total of 60 minutes when you tear it into 4 strands, each strand burns for about 15 minutes,natural materials are perfect for starting fires, however, it will work with other fire starting tools.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - These compressed hemp tinder wick are 100% waterproof tinder rope, pull apart the tinder wick strands help you catch a fire easily, lights in all weather conditions or altitude, even the most severe weather such as rain, snow, strong winds.
  • Portable And Convenient - The portable pocket size great to put into your pockets, bags or hang on the belts, definitely be helpful to your outdoor needs, ideal for many different wild situations. what a best choice as a cool gift for campers, hunters, hikers, backpackers and any outdoorsman!

Ferro Rod Flint Fire Starter Kit + Tinder Wick Bellow with Sliding Box - 4" length 1/2 Thick Ferro Rod with Multi-Tool Striker and Paracord Lanyard + Hemp Wick with Bellow + Sliding Box (Army Green)

  • COMPACT ALL IN ONE FIRE STARTER KIT - Gives you everything you need for starting a fire easily. This kit includes a 4" inch (10 cm) high-quality magnesium alloy Ferro rod fire starter with multi-tool striker and fire tinder wick bellow. You can easily start your fire by using the fire tinder. Just get your fire starter kit box with you when you go on an adventure and this compact box is always ready when you need a fire in nature!
  • HIGH-QUALITY MAGNESIUM ALLOY FERRO ROD - 4 "inch (10 cm) total length and 1/2 inch (1,27mm) thick high quality these ferro rods easily provide you to throw a 5,500ºF (3,000º C) shower of molten sparks at any altitude, in any weather (waterproof). Also, the durable flint fire starter lasts for 15000+ strikes.
  • FIRE TINDER WICK + BELLOW - BIG FIRE WITH A LITTLE SPARK - Waterproof fire tinder works seamlessly with your ferro rod fire starter. Fire Tinder will ignite with a single spark that comes out from your Ferro rod and then a fire starts that you will watch grow! The Fire Tinder Wick is a must-have survival tool for your survival kit.
  • MULTI-TOOL STRIKER & MULTI-FUNCTION SURVIVAL PARACORD ROPE - Multi-Tool striker designed to give you a better experience in nature. It is a perfect camping tool. Can be used as Bottle Opener, concave tinder scraper, Ruler, Sharp Spine Scraper, Hex Wrench and Map Scale. Also you can use the survival paracord lanyard to Hang Around your flint and steel rod to neck, as an Emergency Tourniquet, Zipper Pull, etc.
  • BLACK METAL KIT BOX - Compact and sliding kit box! Perfect size to fit with your fire-starting tools. You can easily carry your fire-starting tools with this box. Compact size of the box provides you to carry your kit within your pocket as well as in your Backpack.

RKR OUTDOOR Survival Fire Tinder Wick + Bellow - Wax Infused Jute Tinder Cord with Black Aluminum Bellows - Waterproof Hemp Wick Rope Works with Ferro Rod Flint Fire Starters (2)

  • START FIRE WITH A LITTLE SPARK - Waterproof fire tinder works seamlessly with your flint and steel. Fire Tinder will ignite with a single spark that comes out from your Ferro rod and then a fire that you will watch grow! The Fire Tinder Wick is a must-have survival tool for your survival kit. Comes with a sliding metal box to provide easy carrying with you.
  • MORE THAN 2 HOURS BURN TIME - Once the fire tinder wick rope ignites, the fire lasts longer than you think. 1.30 feet long Fire Tinder rope gives you more than 2 hours of burn time.
  • GIVES YOU A PERFECT PERFORMANCE IN ANY CONDITIONS - The wax-infused hemp wick ignites with a small spark and burns for a long time and will never let you down whatever the weather conditions.
  • ULTRALIGHT PREMIUM ANODIZED BELLOW - Ultralight aluminum alloy bellow cools quickly. You can safely carry the hot flame to your tinder to start the campfire and simply pull the wick and snuff the flame.
  • ✔ GET YOUR FIRE TINDER WICK 100% RISK-FREE - You will love our fire Tinder Wick + Bellow that supports you wherever you are in nature. If it does not meet your expectations for any reason, we promise to offer you a prompt and full refund with no question!

PREPARED4X Fire Starter Rope 36 Water Resistant Wax Infused Hemp Tinder Wick Refill Fire Tinder for Emergency Kit, Survival Kits, Survival Tools

  • LIGHT A FIRE ANYWHERE INSTANTLY – Fray the rope end and instantly light with sparks using your PREPARED4X Survival Torch Emergency Fire Starter. Increase or decrease the exposed wick to control the flame size, and pull the wick back inside the housing to quickly extinguish.
  • IGNITE EASILY – Fully water-resistant, wind-resistant, and weather-resistant, this rope fire starter will ignite easily, even if it’s been left out in the rain all night.
  • WILL NOT FAIL YOU IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS – You get 3+ hours of continuous burn time or thousands of single-strike uses, and the hemp rope wick is highly effective even if it’s been soaking in water.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Clip to your striker and insert the other end to your Survival Torch Aluminum housing and you’re good to go. Perfect for your survival kit, survival gear, hiking gear, earthquake kit, bug out bag, or car emergency kit.
  • FIRESTARTER ROPE REFILL – You get one 36-inch Wax Infused Hemp Fire Starter Rope as rope replacement for your Survival Torch Fire Starter Kit. Ferro rod, striker, and Aluminum housing are not included.

Vtobay Flameless Battery Taper Candles with Remote Timer,LED Flickering Moving Wick Real Wax Candles,Ivory Pack of 2 Warm Fire Window Flameless Candlesticks,Indoor Wedding Decor (Silent,0.78 x 9.29)

  • Flameless Taper Candles: These LED taper candles are made of real wax, which looks more like real candles. You will get a set of 2 ivory battery taper candles (0.78” x9.29”), one 10-Key remote control and one manual
  • Remote and Timer Candles: All flameless taper candles can be remote by 10-Key remote control(ON/OFF/Timer/Flickering/Brightness). You can make 2/4/6/8 hours timer, LED taper candles will cycle every 24 hours once set, there is no need to turn on/off button every time use
  • Moving Wick and Real Wax: Like traditional candles, the timer window candles have real wax candles appearance and feelings. The moving wick looks more like real candles from a distance, which can be widely used in dinner weddings Christmas and home decorations
  • Battery Operated Candles: Flickering taper candles needs 2 AA batteries(Not Included), lasting over 350 hours(High quality battery). Our battery flickering candles look like real candles, won’t melt, unscented, no smoke, no fire. Safe for your children and pet
  • Peace of Mind: Vtobay flickering flameless candles were subjected to rigorous functional testing before leaving the factory. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be quick to respond and give you a satisfactory solution

OFILLES 2pcs 5 Fluid Ounce Oil Lamps for Indoor Use, Oil Lamp Wicks with Fire Control Knob, Kerosene Lamp Oil Lamps / Lanterns, Hurricane Lamp with Adjustable Fire Wick (2)

  • The oil lamp can hold 5 fluid ounce and can add kerosene and other fuels. The free wick is suitable for oil with low viscosity. If you need to burn other oil, you need to buy the corresponding wick to ensure that it can be adsorbed to the top of the wick for ignition.
  • To replace the wick of the oil lamp or use the oil lamp for the first time, you need to immerse both ends of the wick into the oil respectively to speed up the adsorption of the wick and ensure that it can be ignited immediately.
  • Kerosene lamp is equipped with flame controller, and the flame size can be adjusted by rotation. Please keep it out of the reach of children.
  • The handle design of the lamp body is convenient to take and move. The oil lamp can not only be used indoors, but also suitable for outdoor use, especially camping. Even if the wind is strong, it can effectively illuminate.
  • When hurricane lamp is filled with oil, it can burn continuously for 24-36 hours at a time. The specific combustion time is affected by the oil quality. This product includes one oil lamp and two spare wicks, and the fuel is not included.

OFILLES 2pcs Oil Lamp with Adjustable Fire Wick, Oil Lamps for Indoor Use, Kerosene Lamp with Wicks, Oil Lantern/Hurricane Lamp with Fire Control Knob (2)

  • The oil lamp can hold 4 cups of fuel, with long combustion time and sustainable fuel addition. The combustion time depends on the oil quality and is usually filled with combustible lighting for 48 hours.
  • The oil lamp is equipped with a flame controller. The length of the lamp wick is controlled by rotating the knob, so as to realize the function of adjusting fire power. Clockwise rotation increases the flame and counterclockwise rotation decreases the flame.
  • The oil lamp is made of glass and the wick is made of pure cotton. The base is stable and suitable for lighting in various places. It can also be used for candlelight dinner or indoor decoration. Windproof design can also be used outdoors, especially camping.
  • The handle design is easy to take and put down safety.It should be noted that this item is not suitable for children, especially small parts that need to be placed out of the reach of children.
  • This product contains a oil lamp and two spare wicks, and the fuel is not included.
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