SPEEDSTER 4ft Rocket Bungee Cord, Ultra Heavy Resistance - Bungee Bands for Speed, Agility, Overspeed and Strength Training (RB4-3000)

  • 4ft Ultra Heavy Resistance bungee stretches 16ft.
  • Last up to 10x's longer than uncovered bungees thanks to Safety Sleeve Technology
  • Incredible Safety - Safety Sleeve Technology protects athletes from potential injury if bungee breaks during drills.
  • Speedster Training Products are used by athletes, coaches, organizations and teams worldwide.
  • Made in USA. 1 year conditional warranty.

Victorem Strength 80 Lb Resistance Running Training Bungee Band (Waist) Workout Guide 8 Ft - 360 Agility, Speed, Fitness for Fast-Twitch Athletes Gym Equipment for Football, Basketball

  • 🏃FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - The speed band stretches from 8’ to 22’, and the harness belt is adjustable up to 360 degrees & fits up to size 38” waists. The adjustable range of motion provides a higher level of mobility for natural movements like jumping, sprinting, & twisting.
  • 💪DOUBLE RESISTANCE - With twice the resistance of standard bungee workout bands, these agility training bands provide a tensile strength of up to 80 lb for an even more intense bungee workout. Get faster results with this resistance & speed training equipment.
  • 🏋LAND, TEAM, & WATER SPORTS - Excellent football & hockey training equipment & extra efficient for basketball, tennis, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, cardio workouts, & other types of training. Completely water-friendly when air-dried afterward.
  • ✅BUILD STRENGTH & SPEED - Enhance leg, calf, back, chest, shoulder, & core strength. With a parachute for speed training, the bands also efficiently improve balance, flexibility, & agility. Shape up, run faster, twist easier, jump higher, & dig harder with Victorem.
  • 🏆EASY & SAFE TO USE - With your purchase, you’ll also receive a complimentary training guide, as well as safety instructions to ensure easy, safe, & fun use even at the beginner level. Each speed band also comes complete with a waist belt & a convenient carry bag.

Pseudois Resistance Bungee Band, Running Training Bungee Workout Band, Speed Strength, Basketball and Football Equipment for Improving Strength, Power and Agility

  • Speed training equipment 8ft stretch cord extends to 20ft
  • Running training equipment adjustable belt with 360 rotation ring for movement in all directions
  • Build explosive movement,power and proper footwork technique during training
  • Maximize motions for a specific sport with resistance sports training and speed dynamics
  • Use for basketball training tools,tennis training equipment,workout training equipment and strength training for runners

INTENT SPORTS 360 Dynamic Speed Resistance and Assistance Trainer Kit 8 Ft. Strength 80 Lb Resistance Running Bungee Band (Waist). Solo or Partner. Multi-Sport Maximize Power, Strength, Speed! eBook!

  • MAXIMIZE YOUR STRENGTH & SPEED. The Intent Sports Dynamic Speed Resistance Trainer helps athletes train to maximize strength, speed, and vertical jump, so they can become their best. With our resistance belt trainer you can build strength and explosive power as you take your physical skill to the next level.
  • BE A PRO ON EVERY DIRECTION. Sports go on every direction, that’s why the Intent Sports Dynamic Speed Resistance Trainer adjustable bungee resistance speed harness belt has a free motion ring, almost 360 degrees. With this acceleration speed cord you can train with at almost any angle. Your competition won't even imagine how fast and strong you have become.
  • INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM TRAINING. Train drills with your coach, your teammates, or solo. See what you are made off on becoming a better athlete. Designed with enough durability for extreme athlete’s demands, The Intent Sports Dynamic Speed Resistance training speed belt running will take your training to the next level.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY RESISTANCE – Balanced with up to 80 lbs resistance power sprint bands combine with a perfect 8 to 22 feet rate of motion. Used by professionals, now is your turn on the pro game. The Intent Sports Dynamic Speed Resistance Trainer is designed for rigorous training of world class athletes.
  • YOU CAN ALWAYS BE BETTER. Intent Sports is dedicated to help you to reach your goals, beside your level. Now you can give yourself the tools you need to succeed. No matter your sport (soccer, football baseball, basketball, rugby, tennis, lacrosse, etc.) The Intent Sports Dynamic Speed Resistance Trainer will help you improve your overall power, explosiveness, and strength.

Bungee Resistance Speed Band Set 360 Rotation, 80 lbs Resistance Strength Bungee Cord 22ft Length, Sport Cones and Bonus Exercise Folder Acceleration & Speed Training Tool by Scandinavian Sports

  • RESISTANCE TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Ideal for all athletes and active people - that are looking for improving their speed capacity, agility, explosive strength, dynamic power and overall balance. Great for football players, runners, crossfit practitioners and basketball trainers.
  • SPEED & AGILITY RESISTANCE SET – Included in this package are a premium bungee resistance speed cord with a buckle and an adjustable waist belt and one handle strap together with six speed cones for agility and plyometric training. Plus a bonus folder with 12 carefully selected exercises for improved speed level, acceleration, agility and leg strength
  • BUNGEE RESISTANCE CORD – is a versatile training tool with an 80 lbs resistance strength for applying resistance to agility and strength exercises. This training tool is 8 ft. unstretched and 22 ft. fully stretched with its “bungee effect” increases the intensity of the exercises and improves core engagement during activity.The adjustable waist belt is equipped with a ring which enables you to do a 360 degrees exercise motion
  • EASY TO USE – Simply place the belt around your waist and pull the belt through the metal rings. Attach the clip of the bungee resistance cord to the ring that is located on the adjustable belt. Attach the anchor clip to the other ring located on the strap
  • EXCEED YOUR LIMITS – bungee resistance speed cord set with a carry bag for convenient transportation and on-the-go agility and resistance training. Run drills solo or with your your teammates

Vikingstrength - 360 Resistance Running Training Bungee Band (Waist) for Speed, Fitness Agility, Speed Strength Gym Equipment for Football, Basketball, Crossfit, Solo or Partner

  • ✅ Accelerate your progress: Vikingstrength Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Acceleration Trainer helps all athletes train to maximize speed, strength, acceleration and jumps so they can maximize their potential and become the best athlete faster.
  • ✅ So many training opportunities: either you train alone or with a partner Vikingstrength Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Acceleration Trainer will help you. Make sure to take a look in the following manual for quick tips!
  • ✅ Multiple directions on one size fits all: To be a athlete you need to be able to use and train in space. So why choose to limit your mobility with other brands? Vikingstrength have attaches placed all over the belt, so you can train the way that fits your sport and training. Be ready for anything and anyone with Vikingstrength.
  • ✅ Used by pro Athletes in all sports: either you are a football player or sprinter our Vikingstrength Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Acceleration Trainer are being used by high level athletes right now.
  • ✅ Vikingstrength satisfaction guarantee: We are so confidence in our high quality material product that we will give you money back if you have any issues with the product. So what are you waiting for? Do as the top athletes and reach your goals faster with Vikingstrength!

Ulimate Speed Training Set - Agility Ladder, Bungee Resistance Cord, 4 Adjustable Hurdles, 12 Sport Cones and Exercise Folder - Premium Training Kit for Increased Acceleration & Speed

  • ULTIMATE QUICKNESS TRAINING - Ideal for all athletes and active people that are looking for improving their speed capacity, acceleration, footwork, agility, movement skills, explosive strength and overall coordination. Great for football players, runners, crossfit practitioners and basketball trainers.
  • SPEED & AGILITY RESISTANCE SET - Included in this ultimate speed set are a bungee resistance speed cord with a buckle and belt together with an agility ladder, adjustable hurdles and speed cones for acceleration & speed training. A carry bag is included for convenient transportation plus a bonus folder with 35 carefully selected exercises for faster footwork, improved movement skills, plyometric effect and increased explosive strength.
  • DURABLE AGILITY LADDER - High-quality 19,4 feet speed ladder for quickness training with soft sticks - Suitable for both beginners and pro's as the 12 individual rungs are adjustable for different skill sets and exercises. Easy to set up - simply unravel the straps and adjust the rungs to set up on indoor- or outdoor surfaces.
  • BUNGEE RESISTANCE CORD – is a versatile training tool with an 80 lbs resistance strength for applying resistance to agility and strength exercises. This training tool is 8 ft. unstretched and 22 ft. fully stretched with its “bungee effect” increases the intensity of the exercises and improves core engagement during activity.The adjustable waist belt is equipped with a ring which enables you to do a 360 degrees exercise motion.
  • ADJUSTABLE HURDLES & SPORT CONES – Adjustable hurdles from 6" to 12" by twisting its stands to the other side plus premium temperature resistant cones for speed training.

Sunsign 6.6FT Bungee Resistance Bands Speed and Agility Training Equipment with Adjustable Belt to Improve Speed Agility Agility and Explosiveness

  • TRAIN FOR GOAL--Our resistance bands trainer is designed to resist up, forward or lateral motion through speed bands and improve speed, agility, balance, agility, explosiveness
  • 2 WAYS TO USE--Attach the 6.6ft or 9.8ft dual band to a stationary object for own use, or work with a partner for assisted use, switch between resistance and assistance training to improve all your sport movements
  • VERSATILE--Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages can apply the right amount of resistance to their bodies to enhance training effect. Ideal for martial arts, sprinting, boxing, MMA, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby and track & field training
  • ADJUSTABLE--The belt (size from 19.7in to 39.4in) is large enough can be adjusted to fit big athletes or teenagers. The belt has two D-rings with a diameter of 1.97in, which can be superimposed on one or more bands. Storage bag makes the harness easy to carry from the locker room to the field
  • HIGH QUALITY--Extreme durability is derived from sheathing options, made from heavy-duty nylon; quality latex tube ensures resistance band will not break after repeated use; adjustable belt with sponge pad for comfort during training

Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set Gravity Yoga Bungee Cord Resistance Belt Set 4D Bungee Dance Rope Workout Fitness Home Gym Professional Training Equipment (Weight Class-4:80KG)

  • US AND EU PATENT: HEAVY BUNGEE RESISTANCE BAND SET is great and ideal for agility and plyometric training. It helps improve your agility, increase your speed, increase the Sense of balance and strengthen your speed, technique and your Body parts. It helps bring your physical skills to a new level. With this tool you could do many great exercises.
  • DIFFERENT BUNGEE CORD CONSIST OF DIFFERENT ELASTIC CORES(The thickness of the elastic cores is different):For weight class-1, 50kg,consists of 3 thin elastic cores (Φ12mm),For weight class-2, 60kg,consists of 3 thin cores ( Φ13mm), For weight class-3, 70kg,consist of 2 thin elastic core and 1 thick cores (Φ13mm and Φ15mm),For weight class-4, 80kg,consists of 1 thin elastic core and 2 thick cores (Φ13mm and Φ15mm),For weight class-5, 90kg, consists of 3 thick cores(Φ15mm)
  • WEIGHT LIMIT FOR YOGA BUNGEE CORD RESISTANCE BELT SET: Weight Class-1: 50 kg,fit for weight: about 110 pounds, Weight Class-2 60 kg,fit for weight:about 132 pounds, Weight Class-3: 70 kg,fit for weight: about 154 pounds,Weight Class-4: 80kg,fit for weight: about 176 pounds.Weight Class-5: 90 kg, fit for weight: about 198 pounds
  • HOME GYM WORKOUT EQUIPMENTS:Harness size:Max 114cm/45inches around the waist and Max 80cm/31inches around the thighs,This is just for flying exercises in which the whole body weight of a person is in the 4D professional Sport.It's Great for Yoga, Pilates, soccer, MMA, Fencing,Swimmer,footballer and basketball player.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED:1* Bungee Cord,2* daisy chains(one pair),3* Carabiners(2 already installed, and another one),1* Harness (adjustable padded harness around waist and thigh, provide maximum comfort for exercisers),1* Rotational Device (Can be rotated 360°),1* Guide Book. Home gym fitness equipment

KINGTLE Natural Latex Yoga Bungee Cord, Gravity Elastic Resistance Bands Set, Indoor Bungee Dance Fitness Kit with Daisy Chains, Carabiners, Harness and Rotational Device

  • 【Upgrade Natural Latex Material】: The upgraded bungee cord has stronger elasticity and abrasion resistance, can withstand extreme tension and still remain strong. It is ideal for for difficult yoga enthusiasts, and can also be used for training to enhance physical agility.
  • 【Multi-functional Fitness Kit】: Our home gym equipment can be used for all-round fitness, physical training, exercise your arms, waist, buttocks, thighs and other parts.
  • 【Wide Range of Application】: This indoor bungee fitness belt can be used for dance yoga action assisted training, ball sports jumping and diving training, combat strength training, physical exercises, aerial physiotherapy, and so on.
  • 【Portable System】: This system includes 1 x bungee cord, 2 x daisy chains, 3 x carabiners, 1 x harness, 1 x 360° rotational device, 1 x workout guide, and 1 x drawstring pocket. Convenient for you to carry and exercise.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】We have been committed to making high-quality products. You will see improvements in body shape and strength through regular use of this yoga bungee rope suit. If our product does not meet your expectations, please contact us and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.
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