Aerial Yoga Hammock 5.5 Yards Premium Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing for Antigravity Yoga Inversion Include Daisy Chain,Carabiner and Pose Guide (Turquoise)

  • There are many Aerial Yoga Hammocks on the market, but our Basic Aerial Yoga Hammock is made from Certified Quality Material And Hardware. 1 x 5.5 yards Elastic aerial hammock , 2 x Steel Screw-lock Carabiners (25KN), 2 x 3ft Nylon Reinforced Daisy Chains (23KN).Max rated for 2,000 pound dynamic load. The Daisy Chains and carabiners are certified to climbing standards.
  • 40-Denier Nylon Tricot is a two-way stretch. when it is banded together like a swing, and when you cocoon inside the hammock the fabric gives just enough so that it feels comfortable for the body and skin.
  • It Can be Fully Cocooned Or Laying Fully In .It is a stretchy fabric. not like the parachute type of material used often on other yoga style swings.
  • This premium fabric is used for Yoga Slings and Aerial Silks. It is long lasting and comfortable. The double point is great for relaxation, stretching, stress reduction, and back pain.
  • This double point Yoga hammock is easy to get in and out of, easy to clean, super comfortable, and easy to adjust the height.Order it now, this is the best yoga hammock on the market!!

WWahuayuan 10M Premium Aerial Silks Equipment Yoga Pilates Swing Aerial Yoga Antigravity Hammock Trapeze for Acrobatic Dance,Air Yoga, Aerial Yoga Hammock (Dark Purple)

  • ★【Use items】: The aerial silk equipment is very suitable for Acrobat yoga, aerial performance swing, yoga sling, aerial dance, aerial fitness, aerial yoga, aerial hammock, suspension yoga, gravity yoga, anti-gravity yoga, flying yoga, aerial pilates, Pilates hammock.
  • ★【Easy to use】: The hammock belt is not twisted and the movement is smooth. Improve the core strength, flexibility, balance of the whole body, enjoy the magnificent experience of aerial dance, every move shows your elegance.
  • ★【Suitable for the crowd】: Whether it is a hobbyist or a professional, it is very suitable for any level of yoga people who want to fly at home or in the studio. The reliable high-quality equipment is very suitable for practice and performance.
  • ★【Package includes】: 1 x 10M yoga cloth, 2 titanium steel carabiner for suspension (load bearing: 25KN / 5600LBS), 2 daisy chains for extension (105cm * 1.5cm), 1 x aluminum alloy climbing swivel (maximum Strength: 30KN / 6744lbf), 1x horn carabiner (32 KN / 7194lbf).
  • ★【After-sales guarantee】: We will ship you from the US inventory, only three to five days, if you have any questions, please contact us in time, 100% quality and money back guarantee, you can rest assured to buy.

Jungle Gym Kingdom 18" Trapeze Swing Bar Rings 48" Heavy Duty Chain Swing Set Accessories & Locking Carabiners (Green)

  • KIDS will love this combo addition to their swing set accessory parts. Imagine how your children will enjoy their outdoor playground playset and exercise in the backyard for fun. Yes, their outside playscape will be improved
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED swingset trapeze bar with rings and heavier 2/0 48" chains 20" plastic coated and includes Trapeze Bar - green powder-coated with chains and 2 steel carabiners
  • UPGRADED Easy Grip triangular plastic green rings attached below bar with reinforced metal insert (Please see 4th picture)
  • We highly recommend the use of swing hangers that are designed to allow for relatively friction free back and forth motion that swings require. Using a stationary fixture, such as eye loops, will cause metal on metal friction and is a safety concern and are not recommended
  • Designed for Residential use | Not intended for Commercial grade use | Attaches easily to Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Hangers (Sold Separately)

BLASCOOL Swing Hangers Heavy Duty Hook - 2000Lbs Capacity 360Swivel with 4 Screw for Concrete Wooden Hanging Hardware for Hammock Chair Yoga Gym Trapeze Hammock (2 Sets

  • 💪【Premium Material】 Swing hangers made of PERMANENT ANTIRUST 304 stainless steel, perfectly suitable for suspension hooks, wall ceiling mount swing set bracket, this hanging hardware for any indoor and outdoor playground swing and suspension equipment Accessories. The high quality parts enable this swing hanger afford up to 1,000 Lbs. objects each.
  • 💪【Easy Installation】 The product includes one set of wooden beams mounting hardware and another concrete ceiling mounting expansion screws, it can be mounted in minutes.
  • 💪【Wide Applications】 Perfect for hammock chairs swing, porch swings, swinging chairs, punching bags, climbing rope, Yoga seat, etc. The permanent antirust stainless material make it suitable both indoor and outdoor.
  • 💪【Swing Design】 The hanger can be rotated 180° vertically and 360° horizontally. That give you freedom either hang vertical objects or porch swings, hammock, etc.
  • 💪【Quality Guarantee】 Please contact us if you have any issue, we guarantee you have 100% satisfied purchasing experience with our products and service.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Daisy Chains - Yoga Swing Rope - Yoga Hanging Trapeze Extension Straps - Height Adjustable Nylon Chain Best Antigravity Yoga Inversion - Home Indoor Outdoor Mount Ropes (Blue)

  • STURDY and DURABLE - Anti gravity yoga swing trapeze ropes are made of high-quality nylon. Each extension strap holds up to 500 lbs - the limit of static load
  • STRONG and LONG - Aerial hammock yoga daisy chain rope has 50'' x 0.7'' and 10 extender loops
  • HOME INSTALLATION - Yoga swing trapeze straps are great for mounting your fly yoga hammock swing using ceiling hooks, door frame bar, exposed beams
  • OUTDOOR SET UP - Hang your yoga aerial silks equipment set on high tree branch using a pair of yoga hammock ropes
  • USE for CAMP TRIPS - You can hang outdoor hammock kit or tree swing to the daisy chain loops when camping

Goplus Aerial Yoga Swing Set, Antigravity Ceiling Hanging Toga Sling with Three Different Lengths of Handle, Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool, Yoga Hammock (Blue)

  • 【Improved Physical Function】Yoga swing can stretch your spine and reduce the discomfort caused by long-term work. Also, it can eliminate muscle stress and relieve fatigue. Help you restore your vitality quickly and improve immunity.
  • 【Three Different Lengths of Handle】Sling hammock inversion is equipped with three different length handles ,which can help you find the exercise height that is suitable for yourself. Also, the handle material is EAV. This material is a new environmentally friendly material with good buffer effect.
  • 【High Quality Material】This yoga swing is made of high quality 210T nylon cloth, which has the advantage of higher wear resistance and good elasticity compare to than other materials. It is lightweight and good air permeability with excellent durability.
  • 【Safer to Use】Our yoga swing has a load-bearing capacity up to 600 pounds, which ensures your safety. Equipped with durable carabiners and high-strength daisy chain increases its stability and ensures that you can use it more assured.
  • 【Convenient Storage & Easy Installation】In the purpose of convenient storage, this aerial yoga hammock comes with a storage bag that you can store in it after you finish using it. And it is very easy to install and disassemble, no tedious installation steps which can save your time.

YOGA SWING PRO Premium Aerial Hammock Anti Gravity Yoga Swing Kit - Acrobat Flying Sling Set for Indoor and Outdoor Inversion Therapy

  • STUDIO GRADE MATERIAL: Made from premium grade 210T nylon parachute fabric to give you a comfortable stretch for yoga inversion. Triple Stitching provides added safety and durability which supports weight up to 500+ lbs
  • IMPROVED STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY. Aerial yoga inversion exercises helps improving the back pain, spinal decompression and pelvic floor issues. It also helps to improve the body’s strength and gain natural flexibility to cope with anxiety, stress and as a result you get restful sleep
  • SIMPLE INSTALLTION: Our portable and adjustable aerial yoga swing kit also includes installation guide to help you with its quick setup feature. It can be installed anywhere, be it your home, gym, or on a branch of a tree for the perfect yoga workout. Use it as a hammock outsides or a swing as your kids are going to love it.
  • SPIRITUAL UPLIFTING & STRESS RELIEVING BLEND: Yoga hammock psychological effects triggers your inner optimistic aura, stables your mind & acts as a mood booster. Its ideal to use for stretching & relaxing as it acts as a mood booster and stress reliever so you can get both Improved physical and mental health
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Premium grade yoga hammock kit comes with a portable travel bag that includes 1 yoga swing seat, 2 yoga sling arms with 6 ergonomic foam padded handles, 4 heavy-duty stainless steel locking carabiners, pair of multi-loop daisy chains and an installation guide

Heavy Duty Swing Hangers, 1100 LB Capacity 304 Stainless Steel Swivel Hooks Installed for Concrete and Wooden, Porch Swing Hanging kit, Trapeze, Yoga, Boxing Bag, Hammock Chair, Porch

  • [360°Rotating Hanger] our swing hanger comes with a removable safety buckle which makes use more flexible and quiet 180°+360° rotated freely, Specially installed nylon bushing at the connection between the bracket and the rotating ring to prevent metal rub creating a quiet, smooth, swinging.
  • [High Quality Material] All parts made of high quality 304 stainless steel materials No rust, corrosion resistance, high hardness, non-toxic and pollution-free environment.Long service life, perfect for outdoor and indoor application.
  • [Bearing Capacity 1100LB Hook] The swing hanger is made of high-strength 304 stainless steel. After thousands of experiments, its load-bearing weight reaches 1,100 pounds which can meet the needs of different weights and different usage methods.
  • [For Wood and Concrete Application] 2 concrete anchor which fit concrete application and 2 hex lag bolts which fit wood application,meet your different needs. Perfect for hammock chairs swing,porch swings,swinging chairs, punching bags, or hanging any other heavy object of an overhead mount.
  • [East to Install] A unique one piece design and can be installed in minutes. Draw the hole position and mark with pen and drill the marked hole with an electric drill. Then knock in and tighten the expansion screw or Wood Screw.

GRLIFE Nylon Daisy Chain Rope, 4PCS Heavy Duty Climbing Strap for Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock, 43 Inches Adjustable Hanging Trapeze Extension Straps, 23KN Climbing Sling Runner (Red, 43 Inches)

  • 👉【Quality Assurance】Our nylon climbing webbing ropes are made of thickened nylon material and adopted double-layer design high wear-resistance, strong tension and large bearing capacity.Our nylon sling has passed CE2008, EN566 certification.Breaking Strength: 23KN/4850LBS
  • 👉【Meet Your Different Needs】Our daisy chain ropes are 43*0.7 inches.To meet your different length needs, we use the hanging loops design.Adjusting height is a breeze with the daisy chain loops. The length you can adjust is 0.4-35.4in(1-90cm). The daisy chain provides you with lots of adjustable heights for your yoga trapeze.
  • 👉【Help with Your Work】Our daisy chain rope are very useful in your daily life and work. This is perfect for hanging gear at your campsite or keeping gear on your belt or harness. The rope has several loops which allow to secure harness at different lengths. Great for positioning lanyard extension, building temporary anchors & hauling items. Bright color is easy to see
  • 👉【Outdoor Entertainment Equipment】Well built product with good stitching. Easy to install,which is convenient to use. Works well for daisy chain tree attachment for dog's leash runner while camping. You use them to hang up many different things while camping. (Dishes, utensils, used as a drying rack, etc.)
  • 👉【Perfect for Outdoor Activities】Our high strength extension straps used for many other outdoor activities: such as build a swing, build yoga hammock or hammock , rock climbing, mountain climbing, Rappelling, hiking, emergency equipment,etc

Happybuy Yoga Sling Inversion, 9.6 FT Height Inversion Yoga Swing Stand, Max Capacity 551 LBS Aerial Yoga Frame with 39.4 FT Yoga Swing Inversion Sling Body Bundle Safety Belts (Purple)

  • Durable & Stable: This yoga swing stand is made of 1.5mm / 0.06" thick steel pipe, weighs 31kg / 68lbs, has high hardness and high load-bearing capacity, and the maximum load can reach 250kg / 551lbs. Triangle structure, security belt and skid-proof base increases overall stability.
  • Easy to Assemble: This indoor/outdoor aerial yoga stand steel pipes are all threaded rotary connections, without any screws and other installation tools, so it is very convenient to install and remove.
  • Fit for Different People: Our four legs are made up of three steel pipes and are completely installed at a height of 9.5 feet for women to practice all kinds of yoga. The height of only two steel pipes is 6.5 feet, which can be used for pull-up physical training. You can join the hanging chair to make it be a child's entertainment tool.
  • Tough Stretch Fabric: A 12m/472" length yoga stretch fabric can be attached to the yoga rig by the main lock and O-belt. It is soft and tough, has the super load-bearing capacity and good anti-skid rebound, which can make you have great yoga experience.
  • Multiple Usage: The bracket is 2.68m/106" length x 1.88m/74" width x 2.93m/115" height, and the size is suitable. It can be used for indoor or outdoor performances and yoga, swing, hammocks, olympic rings, heavy bags, and as a pull-up bar.
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