Juggling for the Complete Klutz

  • Klutz' first flagship set, celebrating 30 years
  • Comes with 3 aerodynamically sound bean-bags, a storage bag
  • Includes a 88 page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions
  • 3+ million sold
  • Recommended for children ages 8+

Zeekio Juggling Balls Premium Galaxy - [Pack of 3], Synthetic Leather, Millet Filled, 12-Panel Leather Balls, 130g Each, (Dark Blue)

  • MATERIAL: The shells of these juggling balls are composed of high-quality synthetic leather. The millet filled in the balls eliminate bounce, allowing for easy juggling and catching.
  • MANY IMPLEMENTATION: These juggling balls are multifunctional, perfect for both professional jugglers and educational settings where children learn via games and fun activities.
  • DESIGN: A 12-panel, sturdy construction adds to the endurance of this smart design. These juggling balls are the ideal weight for effortless juggling.
  • EASY TO USE: Multi-colored balls for children and adults are simple to clean and provide a secure grip. There are three balls in this set.
  • AN EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: Tired of phones, video games, and other screens? Why not improve your eye-hand coordination, self-confidence and just have a good time? Juggling is a fun skill that lasts a lifetime.

Juggle Dream 3 x Juggling Sabres

  • The 'Sabre Three' Juggling Knife has a redesigned, drop-resistant, rounded blade tip and wider, blunted blade edge. It also has a very solid blade and handle which is completely rattle free.
  • This combined with the 'soft-catch' wrapped handle and total weight of 300g makes this knife a dream to juggle.
  • But don't worry! The audience won't see any of this additional safety. With its honed blade the Sabre three is still the scariest looking knife around.
  • This listing is for a set of three Juggle Dream Sabre Juggling Knives.

Juggle Dream Jester Bearing Diabolo + Superglass Fibreglass Diablo Sticks & String with Firetoys Bag! Huge Color Selection (4 Colour Diabolo, Blue Sticks)

  • The Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo is a great value diabolo suitable for children and beginner players. However, unlike the original Jester, this version comes with a bearing axle that only spins one way. That means you can get your diabolo spinning much faster and for longer than with the fixed axle found on the standard Jester.
  • The bearing axle also gives you an extra wide gap between the cups. This extra space makes finger and stick grinds easier to perform than with diabolos that have a narrower axle.
  • Apart from the bearing axle this Jester shares the same great features as the original. Well balanced and weighted cups help to keep this diabolo stable. The cups are made from a durable rubber that is scratch resistant and can handle drops from height. The mottled colour schemes help you to see how fast the diabolo is spinning.
  • Fibreglass diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream. These hand sticks are strong but fairly lightweight. These fibreglass has a bit of flex which can help you accelerate the diabolo more quickly. The thin shaft allows for excellent grinds and the comfortable foam handles mean you'll be playing for hours.
  • To complete this set, the diabolo and sticks come with a Firetoys cotton drawstring bag big enough to keep this diablo set and others in.

MAGICYOYO Pro Triple Bearing Diabolo Medium Size 5 Blue Chinese Yoyo Toy with 2 Pair Carbon Sticks+ 2 Extra Strings +1 Net Bag, High Performance Chinese Yoyo Diabolo Skill Toy

  • ★High Performance -- Triple Bearing Professional Diabolo / Chinese yo-yo / skill toy. Perform all of your favorite Chinese Yoyo Diabolo tricks, throws, catches and cradles. One way bearing for high performance and longer spins.
  • ★Long Spin Triple Bearing Design -- Includes Net Carrying Bag. Includes Cushioned Carbon Sticks. Even includes 2 Extra 60 inch Diabolo Strings for when your first string wears out.
  • ★Big Diabolo specification -- Cup diameter: 130mm, Diabolo width: 150mm, Weight: 257g. Perfect size for speed and handling. The drawstring bag supplied with this set is made from cotton and is easily big enough to hold this diablo set and many other juggling props as well.
  • ★Comfortable Grip -- This set comes supplied with anodised aluminium Diabolo hand sticks and string. The polished shafts of the aluminium sticks are designed to fit perfectly with the Big Top's axle and the soft foam handles provide a secure, comfortable grip.
  • ★Adjustable Diabolo Strings -- Full length string can be shortened for smaller players. One way axle with bearings for super long spin times and pro level diabolo performance and play. This is the best performing diabolo you will find.

YuXing Professional Circus Juggling Clubs / Juggling Pins Set of 3 (8.2 Ounce, 20.9", Blue Orange Green)

  • 🏆 Products from the manufacture YuXing TOY, made in ShenZhen China
  • 🏆 Price is a set of 3 (3 Juggling Pins), including 3 Colors( Blue Orange Green)
  • 🏆 It's a cool juggling set that combines tradition with fashion. These clubs are a big step up from a one-piece club and provide excellent value and durability for the cost. Each club weighs 8.2 Ounce and is 20.9" long.
  • 🏆 Easy to use, suitable for both children and adults. Both technical and aesthetic
  • 🏆 Top quality and safe, The bottom of the club have tough rubber knobs to protect you and others from stray clubs hitting you.

MiP Arcade - Interactive Self-Balancing Robot - Play App-Enabled or Screenless Games with RC, Dancing & Multiplayer Modes

  • The All-New, Award-Winning Self-Balancing Interactive Robot: Packed With Fun & Games, Personality And Cool Dance Moves
  • 20+ App-Enabled Games And Rc Modes, Plus Bonus Screenless Games
  • Challenge Friends & Family With Multiplayer Arcade Games Like Basketball Versus And Tray Pancake Stack! Who Will Win
  • Brain Train Games: Test Your Mind, Memory, And Reflexes! Includes Games Like: Reaction Game, Padlock, Color Match And Shake Shake

Glow in The Dark Ceiling Balls,Stress Balls for Kids and Adults,Glow Sticky Balls,Squishy ball Fidget Toys for Kids,Sensory Toys, Glow in the Dark Party Favors for Kids and Adults(4Pcs)

  • ★【Absolutely Safe Material】: It is made of high-quality rubber material, which is absolutely safe for human health. Don't worry about it hurting you or your children.gobbles fidget balls.
  • ★【Repeated Use Life】: The high-quality material absolutely guarantees that the product has a long service life. This sticky ball that glows in the dark has super stickiness and can stick to the ceiling or wall. When you find that the stickiness is insufficient , It can be restored as new by washing with water.They can also be used as glow in the dark party favors.
  • ★【Glow In The Dark】: This stress ball can absorb light, whether it is sunlight, light or flashlight light, it can absorb and store it, and then put her in the dark, it will emit a beautiful light.
  • ★【Super Playable】: Different from the general squish ball, our squish ball has super resistance to tearing resistance, no matter how you pinch it or throw it on the ceiling, wall or floor, can it not bad. They can also be used as party favors.
  • ★【Ideal Gift】: Glow in the dark ceiling balls is very suitable as a gift to your children, friends, relatives or to yourself. It can relieve your anxiety and stress well, and is suitable for people with autism and anxiety People with disease have very good physiotherapy effects.
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