Play Kevlar Wick- 25mm - (1) 3 Ft. Length

  • 3 foot long
  • 25mm width
  • Strong, quality, woven Kevlar
  • For use with fire juggling
  • by Play

emma kites 100% Kevlar Braided String Utility Cord 200Ft 100Lb High Strength, Abrasion/Flame Resistant, Tactical Survival Fishing Assist Cord Model Rocket Paracord Trip Line Kite Camping Cordage

  • Kevlar Braided Line, Natural Yellow, 100% Kevlar Yarns by Dupont Company, designed by EMMA KITES, providing 1mm~4.6mm (100lb~2,000lb) for various outdoor, indoor applications.
  • EMMA KITES Kevlar Braided Cords, firmly built in braided constructions. In comparison to twisted lines, braided cords better resist end raveling, possess higher strength and nicer hand touching. Taking the hand crafts and splicing needs into consideration, Kevlar cords of 350lb~1,000lb (1.7mm~2.6mm) are 8 strands or 12 strands single hollow braids for you to make whoopie, loopie slings, continuous loop, etc.
  • Inherently Flame Resistant, withstanding extreme temperatures up to 800 °F / 427 °C! To build shock lines, parachute systems for model rockets, or replace/upgrade wicks of torches/lamp, Kevlar cords are the unbeatable choice for you to fulfill flame-resistant demands and for applications in high temperatures.
  • Reliable Survival Cord in the wild! Highly abrasion/friction resistant, Kevlar cord can be used as highly efficient cords friction saw to help escape from plastic zip ties, ropes or tapes, and cut through various materials including woods, plastic tubes, nylon, polyesters to complete projects. In the binding, fastening, and wrapping jobs, Kevlar line/cord largely reduces risks of unexpected snaps, providing assured protection especially when in direct contact with sharp edges.
  • High tensile strength cordages in lightweight, 10X greater than steel on an equal weight basis. Wound on compact rolls that are small enough to carry on person, and offer easy and fast deployment when you need it. Multi-use tool for your daily life, a must carry-on gear in your EDC kit. Applications are not limited to kites, tent guylines, bear bagging, repairing, fishing assist line, speargun shooting, snare wires, trip lines. Tensile strengths are tested in accordance with ISO 2307 by SGS.

Kevlar Felt Skid Plates, Pre-Cut: 2.5"- 4" Wide X 30" Long - 2 Pieces

  • 100% para-aramid synthetic fibers with woven scrim on one side
  • 2 Strips
  • 2.5 inches to 4 inches (tapered) wide x 30 inches long
  • Excellent cut and abrasion resistance to increase the longevity of your canoe
  • Apply scrim (mesh) side facing the canoe surface. We recommend installing the plates with epoxy (not included).

Play Kevlar Rope - Fire Toys Replacement Rope- Sold by the Foot (13MM, 1 Foot)

  • 100% puro kevlar.
  • 4 diameters available each sold separately.
  • Replacement rope for fire toys.
  • Rope only.
  • 13mm.

Kevlar Fabric- YEL 4" x 10" - 2x2 Twill WEAVE-3K/200g

  • High Strength - 2 x 2 TWILL WEAVE
  • 3K TOW - (3,000 filaments) Heavy Duty
  • 220g/sq. meter
  • Thickness 0.46 mm
  • Multi directional weaving

BSV Kevlar Protective Sleeves- Heat, Scratch & Cut Resistant Arm Sleeve with Finger Opening & Thumb Holes- Arms Safety Sleeves- Long Arm Guard Protector for Work- Bite Proof- 18 Inches, Black, 1 Pair

  • ✔️Material and Design: The fabric used in the arm sleeves is usually used in the armors made for the security agencies. Kevlar used in the sleeves keeps your arms dry while you sweat yourself out during the heavy jobs. Beautiful finger opening design makes it easier to use gloves with these arm sleeves. It protects your arm from unwanted scratches and cuts while you deal with sharp blades in industrial arena. Its fashion along with protection; look dapper always!
  • ✔️Certification and Usage: Kevlar Arm sleeves are made up of 100% Kevlar awarded EN388 certification. These give 3 way protections: CUT LEVEL 4, TEAR LEVEL 3 & PUNCTURE LEVEL 1. These arm sleeves can be used while doing various tasks from heavy jobs in industry to a romantic trekking on the mountains to save yourself from the scratches you can get from bushes on the mountain. They can be used in glass industry, automobile industry, metal industry, warehousing, pet training and gardening etc.
  • ✔️Benefits and Features: Kevlar Cut Resistant Arm Sleeves feel cool against the skin and keep the arms dry as well as itch free. Kevlar doesn’t retain heat so the chances of overheating are bleak. They are lightweight & form fitting for all day work. They are machine washable. The thumb hole and finger opening provide comfort and security. Now additional material added and they don’t lose shape no matter what angle you are working. Cooler you stay harder you work!
  • ✔️Customer Satisfaction is our motto: It’s your satisfaction which takes us to our desired heights! These arm sleeves are designed to provide ultimate protection from scratches and cuts you can get while dealing with blades and welding machines. On customer request who use to feel it bit tight we improved cloth construction & problem resolved. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t fit your requirements, we have return and replace policy. We value your feedback. Happy Shopping!

Spearit 30FT 1/8IN Braided Kevlar

  • FIBER TYPE: 100% Genuine Dupont BLACK Kevlar(R) yarn made in the USA. No off brand substitution! No fine print about other fiber in the braid!
  • CONSTRUCTION: 16 strand braid, twisted core with a clear synthetic finish for added stiffness and UV resistance.
  • DIA: 3mm LEN: 30 ft (9m) TENSILE TEST: 900lb (See important notes about tensile strength and appropriate applications in main description)
  • SPEARGUN SHOOTING LINE: A spearo favorite with strong, cut and abrasion resistance to survive the reef and great knot retention for easy rigging,
  • SURVIVAL/TACTICAL/OUTDOORS: Bear bag hoist line, tent stays, snares, gear repairs. A small coil in your pack saves the day in 1000 different ways.

Five Large 17"x36" UD Non-Woven Aramid Kevlar Ballistic Fabric Sheets

  • UD non-woven Kevlar sheets, different than the regular woven type Kevlar (see 3rd photo). Easy to cut into different sizes.
  • Coated/laminated for ballistic protection.
  • 5 to 7 times stronger than steel in strength, 3 times more heat resistant than PE fabric such as Dyneema and Spectra
  • Weight: approx 3oz per sheet. Thickness is similar to 2 inkjet papers. Total 5 sheets in the package. Buy 3 sets, and get a free UVC light ($20 value).

30FT 1.7MM Braided Kevlar (Black)

  • FIBER TYPE: 100% Genuine Dupont Black Kevlar(R) yarn made in the USA. No off brand substitution! No fine print about other fiber in the braid!
  • DIA: 1.7mm LEN: 30 ft (9m) TENSILE TEST: 400lb (See important notes about tensile strength and appropriate applications in main description)
  • MAX DUTY BAND CONSTRICTOR: Perfect! Low stretch, great knot retention, no melting. Just tie an extra constrictor and trim it flush for a clean finish.
  • HEAT RESISTANT TO 900+F - Great parachute cord for model rockets, fire poi and sewing thread for welding garments.
  • SURVIVAL/TACTICAL/OUTDOORS: Fishing line, tent stays, snares and gear repairs. A small coil in your pocket saves the day in 1000 different ways.

17oz Heavy Weight Aramid Protective Kevlar Fabric - Military Grade - Choose Size - Made in USA (17oz - 60 inches x 54 inches)

  • 17oz Heavy Weight Aramid Protective Kevlar Fabric
  • Military Grade - Made in USA
  • Sold by the Yard
  • Kevlar woven aramid-based fabric that is rated to 600°F (320°C) for heat shielding

Atwood Rope MFG Parapocalypse Paracord 7-Strand Core with Fire Starter Waxed Jute, 10lb Mono Fishing Line, Dyna-x, and Kevlar Cord 625lb Test (Neon Orange, 100)

  • Based with our 5/32in 550 Paracord with waxed jute, 10lb fishing line, Dyna-x, and Kevlar 110lb test
  • Our wax coated, waterproof jute is designed to start fires in any situation, even in a downpour
  • The Nano Kevlar 110lb test is great for cooking over a fire or friction sawing through materials
  • Dyna-x is great for low-stretch, ultra-strong applications like hoisting or mending clothes
  • The 10lb Mono-filament Fishing Line can catch fish or suture wounds

Carbon Fiber & Blue Kevlar Mixed Fabric 200gsm Carbon Aramid Cloth 30cm Wide

  • Brand new
  • Material: carbon fiber & blue kevlar
  • Weave: twill
  • Size: approx.30*100cm
  • Thickness: approx.0.01"/0.25mm

Play Wick Made with Kevlar - 20mmx5mm for Fire Toys - (1) 3 Ft. Length

  • 3 foot long
  • 20mm width
  • 5mm Thick
  • Strong, quality, woven Kevlar
  • For use with fire juggling
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