Hermione Granger's Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box

  • An authentic recreation of the wand of Hermione Granger.
  • Authentic Prop Replica from The Harry Potter movies by The Noble Collection
  • Wand measures 15 inches in length. Exact 1:1 scale reproduction
  • Collectible Wand; recommended for ages 14+

The Elder Wand in Ollivander's Box

  • Authentic Prop Replica from The Harry Potter movies by The Noble Collection.
  • The Elder Wand, the wand of Professor Dumbledore with Ollivanders Wand Box is a meticulous recreation of the wand prop used in the Harry Potter film series, crafted with high quality materials. The Elder Wand, the wand of Professor Dumbledore with Ollivanders Wand Box is a meticulous recreation of the wand prop used in the Harry Potter film series, crafted with high quality materials.
  • Wand measures approx. 15 inches in length. Collector's box included.
  • Exact 1:1 scale reproduction. Officially licensed by Warner Bros
  • Collectible Wand; recommended for ages 14+

The Noble Collection NN1910 Harry Potter Illuminating Wand, 14-Inch

  • Officially authorized by Warner Brothers.
  • Wave the wand and the light goes on - Wave it again, and it turns off!
  • Wand measures 14 inches in length.
  • A recreation of the famous wand.

Learning Resources Magnetic Wands, Set of 24

  • Encourage scientific exploration with this set of magnetic wands
  • Kids learn about magnetic properties, hone observation skills, and more
  • 24 wands in 6 colors includes enough for the whole class
  • 8" long Magnetic Wands come in their own resealable bucket

hand2mind Rainbow Magnetic Wand Set for Kids for 5-10, 8 Inch with Magnet Bar, Use for Sewing, Science Experiments, Bingo, Fridge, and Magnetic Concepts, Homeschool Supplies (Pack of 6)

  • ENGAGE IMAGINATION: These rainbow-colored magnetic wands are perfect for science lessons, or simply lessons in fun! Includes 6 colorful magnetic wands in pink, purple, blue, orange, green, and red.
  • INCLUDES: Set of six for hands-on learning. One each: red, orange, green, purple, pink, and blue color for identification and visual appeal.
  • HANDS-ON SCIENCE: Conduct scientific experiments and demonstrate basic magnetism principles. Magnetics are strong enough for picking up light-weight objects such as magnetic bingo chips, paper clips, nails, screws, and pins.
  • GROWING MINDS WITH HANDS-ON LEARNING: For over 50 years, hand2mind has encouraged hands-on learning and discovery, driving deeper understanding and helping students unlock their full potential.
  • Each wands measure 8 inches. Recommended for ages 3+ or preschool through 5th grade

Magic Wand Costume Accessory - 14", Black - 1 Pc.

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 magic wand - 14"
  • ADORABLE DESIGN: An adorable wand that features a solid black color rod with white tipped ends design
  • PERFECT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Perfect for cosplays, Halloweens, dress ups, costume parties and other themed events
  • STURDY QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from sturdy plastic materials that are durable and can withstand multiple uses
  • REMINDERS: Not a toy; do not play with this wand

Elite Flow Levitation Wand - Short String Light Up Leviwand EmazingLights

  • NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN: Upgrade your flow with the newly redesigned Elite Flow Levitation Wand! We spent countless hours perfecting this new wand with a reinforced, thicker acrylic base and expertly balanced to perfection. Features an all new finger loop made out of soft, stretchy material so you can comfortably create brilliant light shows all night long! This product is intended for ages 13 and older.
  • INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION: Combine 3 pre-programmed LED light modes and 20 stunning colors for beautiful light trails. Easily customize your modes with the click of a button. 2 EmazingLights eLite Flow Chips are inserted into the clear rubber caps on each end of the wand to create a bright glow.
  • SPINS LIKE A DREAM: Each Levitation Wand is balanced and weighted for a light and stable flow at 120g. Also includes 2 metal washers to place beneath the chips for extra weight and stability. If your levitation wand is off-balance, begin by removing the washers and testing the flow as you add one washer at a time.
  • WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE: 2x eLite Flow V2 Microlights, 4x 1620 Batteries (installed), 2x Clear end caps, 2x Metal washers, Instructions, 1x Acrylic wand and 31" string
  • CREATE LIGHT MAGIC: Simply loop the black finger loop around itself and your finger to spin the wand. This creates the illusion of a floating wand of light that's perfect for LED shows, gifts, parties, music festivals, concerts, or anytime it's dark out!

MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light, Cool Tech Gift for Men Father Boys, Birthday Gifts for Kids, Floating Globes World Desk Gadget Decor in Office Home /Display Frame Stand

  • LEVITATION GLOBE - Globe floating in midair by the magnetic force from bottom and top of frame. 3 LED beads in frame shows Purple, Pink & Cyan colors. Amazing centerpiece.
  • SPINNING 25 MIN - Floating Globe Levitating Globes- Almost zero friction force while it levitation in air. Try drive the globe by your hand, the 360 degree rotation will last 15-25 minutes. Cool decor on desk or Book Shelf Decor. Cool conversation piece with others.
  • COOL GIFT for MEN & KIDS - Great gifts for boyfriend, children, colleagues, even your boss. Perfect birthday gifts for men and personalized Christmas Gifts for men, Anniversary or Valentines day gifts ,Father's Days gift ideas. It is a funny men’s gifts.
  • EASY INSTALL - Globe diameter 3.5 inch /9 cm, easily hold by 1 hand. Switch on the C shape frame, Squat down your body and ensure sight line height is same to the opening of frame. Then follow the user manual and you will success after several times try.
  • WHAT YOU GET - Stand, Globe ball, Power adapter. Globe ball shows country name, ocean, continent by clear words. Attract boys / girls and inspire their exploring spirit and interesting to geography and STEM science.

MilesMagic Magician's Dancing in Air Wand Floating 34'' Balanced Metal Cane Levitation Magic Trick

  • Light weight aluminium construction, 34 Inches balanced cane with complete instructions included.
  • Perfectly balanced and extremely agile keeps your guests hooked. A great gag for magicians, clowns and comics. You don’t have to worry about new ideas to keep them hooked and entertained while they visit you next, this one will help you out.
  • The technique is simple, the effect is luxury. It is time to easily perform incredible magic tricks with skillful deception that will amaze & grab the attention of the spectators.
  • Easy yet so impactful that it is loved and used not only by the beginners but the kids, adults or professional magicians as well and can be performed in the opening act as it would definitely steal the show.
  • Perfect classic novelty gift to anyone for kids show, street souvenir, stage magic, birthday parties, halloween etc. or for all those who are interested in performing entertaining magic tricks with friends and family.

FUZADEL Floating Desk Levitating Globes Levitation Floating Globe Magnetic World Map LED Night Light

  • Levitation floating globe magnetic levitating globes for home / office desk decoration, air suspension, Floats on electrically active magnetic field. Made with advanced magnetic levitation technology.Operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system,advertising impressions, Equipped with LED lights on the circular frame, In the evening, the lights Irradiate the smooth surface of the globe, it is very pretty.
  • Magnetic globe floating and levitation world map globes for office/ home decor,Easy to set up just at the turn on light or else it won't work. Levitating globes with led lights, The magnetic above the gadget contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor.The base contains a micro-processor and the electronic control components that make the gadget levitate. Suitable for gifts home or office décor.
  • Please note the magnetic levitation floating globes levitating globes that there is only one magnetic point, which can be levitation only after power on. There is strong magnet between globe and the top of the arch. Please follow the instructions set up the globe.it would be popular around by all ages.it really cool and fancy in your living room or office, this would be a good decoration idea!
  • A good desk decoration magnetic globes for office / home levitation magnetic floating globe, , Desk Magnetic levitation globe Lamp, Floating in midair, floating Globe size:3.5 inches, Package Dimensions: 11.142 x 9.055 x 4.134 inches Unit Weight: 1.27 pounds
  • Led levitating floating world globe bedroom night light size:3.5 inches, A freaking gravity-defying wonder levitating globe, Features with LED light for decoration, light up your life.This cool gadget makes a great display unit for your retail shop, business and home.Gifts for all.

woodlev Magnetic Levitating Displays Floating Rotating Smallest Revolution Platform Disk Holder Stand Display

  • 2022 New levitation Version. The levitating Revolution features Float technology to make levitating your favorite collectibles Up to 350g(13 ounces)
  • Whole smooth black base and disk. Smallest magnetic kits you can find on market.
  • Perfect Gift for shop supermarket or Homedecor. This is an awesome high tech gadget that will catch people of all ages. Inconceivable platform to display what you want
  • keep the platform away from the metal. Or the levitation may not success and you will hear the noise from the platform
  • If you can't make it work. Contact woodlev. To get the operating video or recommend.

FUZADEL Multi-Color Changing Levitating Globe Desk Lamp Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map Educational Gifts for Home / Office Desk Decoration Ornament

  • Levitation floating magnetic globe home decor color changing magnetic floating globes desk office bedroom levitating globes world globe levitation desk globe for Home / Office Decor,multi-color changing floating globes levitating globes, globe educational, The globe will be change color automatically When the Globe is floating in the middle.
  • Levitation globe stability magnetic floating globe levitation world globe for desk : The magnetic floating globe floats stability, levitating floating and rotating in midair. Once you get the gadget levitating,you will love it.Please notes: it don't rotate automatically. .
  • Home Magnetic levitating world globe, it also with a negative ion generator, floating globe world map, can purified air and ease the pressurre from work and life.
  • Globe magnet Office / home decor magnetic floating globes for cool levitating globe when the Multi-Color Changing on the Globe. Creative Electronic Magnetic Levitation Floating Luminous Globe World Map for boss friend Christmas office Birthday gifts,
  • Electric desk floating globe color changing for home decor, Great Gift for the people. Globe floating, Teaching Novelty desk lamp, Learning Education, Home /Office /Desktop Decoration, Business Gifts, Art Craft Gifs , Creative Birthday Gift, Merry Christmas Gift etc.

Playz Unlimited Magic Tricks Kit for Kids with Science Experiments to Create Dancing Holograms, Levitating Bead Shows, Disappearing Coin & Infinity Box, & Optical Illusions for Boys & Girls Ages 6-12

  • LEARN TO BE A MAGICIAN: Inspiring young children to learn has never been more fun with this Playz science kit that allows kids to learn about static electricity, reflections, optics, pressure & perception using magical science! Perfect fun & hands on educational christmas or birthday gift for boys, girls, kids, & teens Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12+ Years Old
  • LOADED WITH VALUE: 27+ Tools, Ingredients, & Parts in this magic kits combined with a fun and simple instructions book make for hours of fun education at home or in the classroom.
  • EASY TO USE: The fact-filled colorful lab guide is full of pictures and information giving kids hours of fun in their own home made science lab! A fun way to educate kids has never been easier!
  • ENGAGES THE MIND: This STEM set challenges the child's mind as they work through the detailed easy-to-follow instruction guide, learning about classroom subjects in a fun way. You will even see test grades improve as a result. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
  • TRUST OUR PLAYZ PROMISE: Do your research! You know the quality you will get when purchasing a Playz product. If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us at anytime for a refund.

Unitech Toys Fun Fly Stick Magic Levitation Wand Science Toys Electric Static Wand 10 Flying Shapes

  • 1.Fun Fly Stick is a portable Van de Graaff generator that separates electrons and protons, causing a positive static charge that gets accumulated on the cardboard control tube.
  • 2.The new Dual Action Fun Fly Stick includes 10 Fun Flyers made from thin tinsel which receive the static charge of the wand, causing them to float through the act of repulsion.
  • 3.The kit also includes a roller attachment with 30 plastic sheets and accessories that gives the wand the ability to create static cling stickers.
  • 4.With the roller attachment the Fun Fly Stick uses electrostatic to attach drawings, photos, coloring pages and other light paper articles to walls without using thumbtacks or tape.
  • 5. need 2 AA Batteries (not included)

Magnetic Bingo Wands, 4-Pack & 400 Metal Chips - Bulk Accessories for Senior & Family Game Nights - Educational STEM Kits for Learning, Sensory Bins, Science, Counting & Sorting

  • THAT'S A BINGO: Gear up for bingo night with a complete set of four magnetic wands and four hundred color-coded chips!
  • MAGNETIC PERSONALITY: Cleaning off the bingo card has never been easier! A magnetic wand and chips ensure simple cleanup
  • THE SCIENCE OF FUN: Bring excitement to all of the family and friends
  • COOL COUNTERS: Math and counting with four hundred metallic bingo chips in red, blue, green, and yellow
  • RAINBOW CONNECTION: With four distinct colors, everyone can share their chips, yet make sure they all make it back!

Wandini Glow.0 Magic Wand Collapsible LED Levitation Wand - USB Rechargeable Floating Wand - LED Light Wand with 22 Color Light Modes Patented, Expertly Balanced LED Flow Wand Levitation Stick

  • 🎇 UNLIKE OTHER LED Light Stick Wands that aren’t BALANCED CORRECTLY & are too LIGHTWEIGHT for smooth levitation, each Wandini LED wand is CAREFULLY WEIGHTED by professionals to find just the right VERTICAL BALANCE & WEIGHT. Made of solid, durable materials, our unique, PATENTED levi wand features continuous strength along its entire length, so there are ZERO WEAK POINTS.
  • 🍃 THE AVERAGE USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHT UP WAND LED loses charge quickly, cutting your dancing cane sessions short. But the Wandini magic stick CHARGES IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES and LASTS UP TO 7 HOURS – with a levitation light that’s brighter and more VIBRANT than ever. NO BATTERIES NEEDED!
  • 💫 THE FIRST & ONLY COLLAPSIBLE LED LEVITATION WAND – This levi stick is the only LED glow wand on the market that COLLAPSES DOWN for easy transport, so you can fit it easily into your bag and take it with you WHEREVER YOU GO! Our magic staff ASSEMBLES QUICKLY when you need it, opening up to a full 24” length.
  • 🌈 22 COLOR LIGHT MODES – The Wandini LED wand light features a FULL SPECTRUM of 21 vibrant color light modes & patterns, plus 1 CUSTOMIZABLE setting for ALMOST INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Our magic levitation light features an UNDETECTABLE invisible string and a vegan LEATHER STRAP with middle finger loop. PAINT THE NIGHT with color & light!
  • ✨ AT FUN IN MOTION, WE CREATE toys that STIMULATE the MIND, BODY & IMAGINATION. Designed in the U.S. & Germany, our award-winning flow toys are made to challenge the senses, build skill & coordination, and BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER for hours of fun. Your happiness is our #1 goal! If you need any help with your flow wand, our Happiness Engineers are STANDING BY. Click our Storefront to see our ENTIRE RANGE OF TOYS.

GOHHK Portable Levitating Potted Floating Pot Air Bonsai Magnetic Suspension Levitating Flower Plant - Creative Design Levitation Bonsai - Home Office Decorations - Fun Gift,Black-Large

  • ★ Good companion: not only helps to improve the quality of the indoor environment, but also the best physical and mental health regulator.
  • ★Maglev levitation technology: Our magnetic magic floating bonsai basin adopts magnetic levitation technology, which can float in the air and automatically rotate 360° when the power is turned on.
  • ★ Exquisite craftsmanship: This unique floating flower pot is very easy to install, easy to maintain and requires no tools.
  • ★ Uses: Suitable for small indoor potted plants/herbs, beautiful decoration of home and office, is an awesome gift.
  • ★ If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will answer you in time to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand Short String Light Up LED Levi Wand Flow Toy

  • GloFX HYPNO LEVITATION WAND - Flow with the magic of GloFX’s BRAND NEW Hypno Levi Wand. Use your big shot tricks and sleight of hand to make this wand levitate, and it will leave everyone in the joint cheering and roaring all morning and night!
  • SUPER BRIGHT LEDs - Our leviwand uses our best and brightest LEDs, providing ultimate visibility from all sides and angles. It includes 100 + MODES and an assortment of solid colors and animated patterns. Not too picky? Just select the “auto” mode to cycle through all your options.
  • REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS - GloFX Wands come with an easy-to-use remote control. The remote comes with a GloFX lanyard attached so you never have to worry about losing it.
  • BALANCE & CONTROL - We made sure that our wand was as balanced as it possibly could be. The handle has been updated with a NEW cinch, to ensure that your levi wand will stay secure to your hand all night. Want a little more weight? Use the included washers to create the weight that best suits you.
  • DURABILITY - Feel at ease when doing tricks like bouncing, spinning and more as we stress tested and perfected our wand at the GloFX Headquarters. Because of the polycarbonate tubing, this wand is a unique combination of toughness and stability.

VGAzer Levitating Moon Lamp Floating and Spinning in Air Freely with Gradually Changing LED Lights Between 7 Colors,Decorative Light for Kids Lover Friends (Round Base)

  • Thanks to the latest in levitation technology,The Moon Lamp levitates in the air at all times and can constantly rotate.
  • Wireless Charging - The Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless charging technology so it can be charged even while levitating! The touch control base below allows you to turn ON/OFF the LEDs inside the Moon Lamp or base light.
  • Beautiful LED Lights Changing Gradually Between 7 Colors.
  • Best Gift & Decro Lamp - ideal gift for your friends, kids in Christmas day, holiday, birthday, party, wedding, anniversary, to decorate home, kids bedroom, living room, dining room, office, college dorm and create a wonderful atmosphere beyond your expectations.

Flagest Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe - Levitating O Shape Globe with LED Lights for Educational Home Office Desk Decor - Birthday Holiday Party Chirstmas Gift (4Inches Globe

  • CIRCULAR DESIGN - The globe’s LED lights are attached to the circular frame, the design is for easily installation than any other levitation ones. The frame will illuminate once plug in the socket; Globe map is clear; After installed, as long as you spin the globe gently, it will keep levitation rotation.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Our floating globe is operated by an electronically controlled magnet system. Plug in, install the globe using the auxiliary tool (included), feel the suction once you get to the point, remove the tool and release your hand, the globe will float by itself.
  • HIGH TECH - Our levitation globes are high-tech products, you'll enjoy the high tech style, expand your world view. It is a perfect for decoration at home, office or school.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The electronic control magnet system and the frame work adopt high-precision transmission technology, the text and graphics are clear, durable and not easy to fade off.
  • AWSOME GIFT - Everyone will be surprised by this wonderful globe . As a work of art, it is a good gift for all ages. can be placed in homes, offices, decor a creative and attractive space.

Light Up Snowflake Spinning Wand for Kids in Gift Box, Rotating LED Toy for Girls and Boys, Magic Princess Sensory Toys, Suitable for Autistic Children, Best Snow Pretend Play Birthday

  • STUNNING SPINNING ACTION: A rotating Frozen Snowflake light show that captures the imagination and keeps kids busy for hours. With a press of a button, this 14.5” spinning light-up wand illuminates any room with stunning LEDs. Just pop in 3 x AA batteries to fuel the action.
  • SOOTHING SENSORY TOY: Looking for sensory toys for children with autism, ADHD, or special needs? The mesmerizing motion of the lights in IPIDIPI light up wands for kids soothes, calms, and delights. Our light-up toys are ASTM and CPC certified for safe, worry-free play.
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX: Unlike other spinning light-up wands that come in simple polybags, ours is packed in a colourful, beautifully-designed cardboard box for striking presentation. Perfect as a birthday or holiday gift for boys and girls ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years old.
  • CAREFULLY PACKED: Don’t risk your light-up spin toy arriving scratched or broken. Thanks to the sturdy storage box, each of the magic wands reaches you nice and intact. This LED wand also makes a fun distraction toy for kids that parents and doctors will love.
  • BUY RISK-FREE: Keep kiddos gleefully occupied for hours without having anything to lose. We’ve backed our LED rotating toy wand with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get the fun started with IPIDIPI TOYS completely risk-free!

Levitating Plant Pot Floating Plant Pot Floating Planter Levitating Decor with Magnetic Base Artificial Plant and 360 Degree Rotating Bonsai Holder for Flower Home Office Desk Gifts

  • GREEN AND “UPLIFTING”, WELL LITERALLY! Relax yourself while at work or home, with the soothing effect of a hovering bonsai plant, that magically floats in the air. A diamond floating pot on a minimalistic white magnet base, spins 360 degrees, smooth and quiet. A quirky conversation started, guaranteed!
  • PERFECT levitating planter for use at home, offices and commercial spaces such as restaurant, meditation centers, spa, hotel, reception display, indoor décor. Use as floating plants holder, levitating flowerpot, bonsai tree vase, levitational floating plant pot, levitating planters, levitating plant holder, levational floating plant, floating flower pot, magnetic levitation plant, floating bonsai plant, floating magnetic plant, levitate pot, magnetic air plants, magnetic air planter.
  • INCLUDES ARTIFICIAL BONSAI PLANT WORTH $15 unlike other brands. You can also use your own plants, natural plants like succulent plants, or artificial.
  • READY TO GIFT Levitating planters comes in an attractively designed box packaging, that is ready to gift. In the unlikely event you aren’t delighted with our levitating plant holder, you can return for a full refund or replacement.
  • SET UP IN A MINUTE Hold the pot above The center of the base and let it go when it starts floating due to magnetic levitation. Now watch the magic.

RUIXINDA Levitating Globe,Cool Gadgets Magnetic Globes Floating Globe World Map Office Decor with LED Light Base,Cool Tech Gift for Men Father Boys Boss

  • ★【MAGNETIC SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY】The magnetic levitation globe is a high-tech work of art using magnetic levitation technology. The magnetic floating globe is suspended in the air through magnetic technology and rotates 360 degrees when suspended on the earth rotating, the magnetic sphere will not stop unless collisions or power failure.
  • ★【Geography Teaching】The floating globe accurately and clearly shows kids the District domain of the Earth and the geographical location of each country. The World Globe is the perfect addition to classroom or homeschooling research that will inspire a lifelong interest in learning more about geography, social studies, and science!
  • ★【UNIQUE DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES】 It floats quietly and stably rotates in the air, which can relieve stress well. It provides a beautiful display for your office Room, school, home or retail store, and most importantly, as a decorative decoration to match any style of home and office Room furniture.
  • ★【POWER FAILURE PROTECTION】The magnetic floating globe has smart power-off protection system, when the product is turned off, it will absorb the bottom Block, don't worry about the power ball suddenly falling, breaking the ball, safe, beautiful and practical.
  • ★【PERFECT GIFT】Great gift for any home, school, office, kids education and men. This practical educational gift makes learning fun and is loved by workers around the world.

MilesMagic Magician's Rising Jumping Twirling Wand Gimmick Spell Casting Stick Cane for Wizard Witch Costume, Levitation, Party Favors, Birthday Games Kit or Magic Tricks

  • With complete instructions included this wand can be made to jump out of your hand. Just find the inner magic inside of you with the most recognizable prop for any magician is the magic wand. A classic staple in magic shows to captivate the audience.
  • It can jump into the air, or jump up and strike you on the chin or nose. A magic wand that appears at your fingertips! Entertaining accessory for props in photobooths at birthdays, weddings and school functions.
  • The magic wand allows anyone to perform illusionary spells or make objects disappear. Perfect for a magician themed birthday party, or any dress up play event or hand these out as fun party favours, souvenirs and prizes.
  • You can wave the wand like a regular wand, and suddenly it takes on a life of its own. Add more to the fun with child friendly props that are designed for young hands and ideal for beginners like top hats, a black cape and white gloves.
  • This gimmick wand is the most important piece of equipment in a magician’s bag that also works just as well for wizards and witches. This wand brings together a fantastic magic show for family and friends! The magic stick also makes a fitting accessory for a full-on magician costume for Halloween.

12 Pieces Wizard Light up Wand Magic Led Wands Flashing Glow Stick Multicolor Kids Party Light up Toys with Lanyard for Party Favors Decorations

  • Sufficient supplies: there are 12 pieces of LED light wands in the package, each with a size of about 10.23 inches, these wand sticks can emit light on the bottom and the entire fiber optic rod, bringing a nice visual enjoyment
  • Quality materials: the led wand light is made of plastic and LED light, which is safe and reliable, portable and lightweight, not easy to break, can be applied for a long time; Each light stick is equipped with 3 replaceable batteries to provide long-term use
  • Lighting modes: the spiral LED wizard wand has 3 lamp modes, just need to press the button to switch among the 3 modes, fast flashing, slow flashing and constant light, each mode has its own multi-color blinking pattern
  • Scope of usage: this flashing light wand can be widely applied for neon parties, Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties, weddings, concerts, clubs, sports events, theme parks, nightlife, carnivals, festivals and any other night activities
  • Fun toy: the light wand stick creates a fascinating world full of laughter and colorful lights, which is very suitable for relaxing stress; It is not only visual enjoyment, but also a nice prop to inspire hours of imaginative pretend games
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