Flames N Games Astrix UV Thud Juggling Balls Set of 3 (Black/Blue) Pro 6 Panel Leather Juggling Ball Set & Travel Bag!

  • Flames N Games ASTRIX UV Thud Juggling Balls set of 3 Black/Blue- Pro 6 Panel Leather Juggling Ball Set & Travel Bag!
  • Our latest range of UV Thuds are of supreme quality and are a Dream To Juggle With! They are great for all levels of skill, from Beginner to Pro and an excellent choice for multi-ball juggling of 3 Balls!
  • * Thud Juggling Ball Stats: APPROX Weight: 110g, Diameter: 60mm, Panels:6 - Black/Blue
  • To make this the perfect ball juggling set or gift set we have included a Flames 'N Games drawstring travel bag that will fit up to 6 balls.
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Play MMX Plus Stage Ball, 67mm, 135g - Juggling Ball - (1) (Yellow)

  • MMX 67mm (135 grams, 2.63 inch)
  • UV colors
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Single Juggling Ball - (1)
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