Gaiam Restore Dual-Zone Back Massage Roller

  • Restorative therapy for your back
  • Specifically designed to cradle the spine
  • Apply pressure to relieve muscle soreness and tension
  • Created to combine effective pressure with soothing comfort
  • Features raised nubs to stimulate blood flow and speed healing

5BILLION Peanut Massage Ball - Double Lacrosse Massage Ball & Mobility Ball for Physical Therapy - Deep Tissue Massage Tool for Myofascial Release, Muscle Relaxer, Acupoint Massage (Blue)

  • ✮Perfect Design For Comprehensive Massage✮- 5" in length and 2.5"in diameter, weight in 12oz. This split peanut-shaped massage ball is a perfect design to get to those hard to reach stabilizing muscles that surround your spine and vertebrae without applying pressure on them as you lay on it.
  • ✮Durable Material✮- The massage ball is made of 100% natural rubber, which is firmer than tennis ball, but not like the hard plastic balls with knobs and they hurt. It is durable for long-lasting use. 4 colors have the same density for choice.
  • ✮Free Carry Bag✮- This Double Massage Ball comes with a bag to carry, perfect for use at the gym, on the road, before or after workouts. You can easily press on your neck, back, legs, feet, shoulders etc. at any time.
  • ✮Workout Guide✮- The massage tool is comfortable and easy to use according to the instructions. You can use on painful localized parts of the body where trigger release is required while strengthening your core to stabilize.
  • ✮ 100% Satisfaction ✮ - If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Massage Ball, Please Feel Free to Contact Us and We Will Here to Help You Any Time.

Peanut Massage Ball - Double Lacrosse Balls for Trigger Point Therapy, Foot & Pain Relief Deep Muscle Relaxation Ball Fascia Stick Acupoint Massage Ball for Muscle Knots, and Yoga TherapyDark

  • The lacrosse balls can roll out any muscles or aches, relieves muscle tension, increases mobility and aids in recovery through self myofascial
  • All our sports lacrosse ball with irregular surface massage layer make comfortable massage and lightweight and portable. Fits in cars, purses, briefcases, and pockets, just like a masseur does in a pocket, you can trigger point massage in yourself any time.
  • Simply lean on the mobility peanut massage ball and use your own body weight and gravity to relieve muscle knots and tension, roll out and massage your back without putting any unwanted pressure on your spine
  • Made of high quality TPR material that no smell, really firm and they get down into those trigger points to alleviate the pain
  • If you are not satisfied with massage balls, 30 days hassle free return for a no-questions-asked full refund! We have 24h customer services to answer for your questions of massage ball anytime

TriggerPoint MB2 Double Massage Ball Roller for Back and Neck Relief Green/White/Black, One Size

  • Double massage ball design with patented, layered EVA foam surface encourages blood and oxygen flow to keep muscles and fascia healthy
  • Adjustable length can be locked for use on smaller muscles around the spine, or extended to target the larger muscles of the back
  • MB2 roller massage ball can help stimulate circulation, increase mobility in the spine and improve posture
  • Foam massage balls offer optimal compression and pressure for safe, effective and targeted self massage
  • Item Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches; item weight: 0.24 pounds/109 grams; Highly durable, water resistant and easy to clean surface

9HORN Peanut Massage Ball Foam Roller for Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Muscle Myofascial Release Yoga Therapy [Blue]

  • lightweight and easy-to-use peanut-shaped foam roller for deep tissue massage (self-myofascial relief)
  • increase your muscle flexibility, speed up muscle recovery, reduce muscle pain and muscle tension within just minutes of application
  • ultra high-density foam material (EPP) makes our foam roller products significantly harder like most others on the market. The higher material density increases the workout intensity and qualifies our Foam Roller products for advanced users as well as for beginners Despite being sturdy, these peanut-shaped foam rollers are strikingly lightweight and their compact size of just about 9.5 inches (length) and 4.5 inches (diameter) makes them portable and easy to carry
  • get rid of muscle stiffness and muscle pain today and give our Foam Roller products a try! You will not regret your decision to buy a 9horn foam roller product as customer satisfaction is our highest aim and our products are carefully selected, well designed and fairly priced

Navaris 2X Peanut Duo Ball - in 2 Sizes Duo Ball Fascia Ball Set - Trigger Point Ball - Fascia Balls - Black/Red

  • ALL ROUNDER: With the balls of Navaris you can use them on the back, connective tissue, trigger points and muscles before and after exercising. The different sizes adapt perfectly to different body regions.
  • PEANUT SHAPE: The shape and grooved structure of the double fascia roll are ideal for adhesions, the so-called fascia, and for the neck, back, feet, calves and shoulders.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: The two peanut-shape balls (6" x 3" - 0.8oz / 9" x 4¾" - 2.5oz) come with a small nylon bag for easy transportation from A to B.
  • MATERIAL: The material of the twin balls is high quality.
  • FREE MOVEMENT: With the Duo-Roll you can relax after yoga, pilates or fitness training of your back, calves, hands, shoulders and legs.

Professional Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball - Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release - Handheld, Cordless - 4 Intensity Levels - Dual Lacrosse Ball Vibration Massager (Blue)

  • ★ Quality assurance you can trust: USA based Engineering & Lifetime Customer Support & Rigorous Third-Party Testing. We are so confident you will love our Vibrating Massager that we will refund your purchase if anything goes wrong - EVER! But don't take our word for it - just read our reviews! End Chronic Pain, Increase Blood Flow, Eliminate Tight Muscles, Increase Flexibility, Flush Lactic Acid, Improve Pliability or just relax on the couch after a long day
  • ★ Kiss sore aching muscles goodbye: Using cutting-edge technology with high-intensity vibration our Massage Ball Roller melts away nagging muscle pain or tension. Take your fitness or pain recovery to the next level with the handheld device fitness experts are calling the most effective hand-held portable massaging tool available. Using foam roller ideology our therapy massage ball uses 2 vibrating spheres for intense myofascial release or trigger point physical therapy for faster recovery
  • ★ Endless possibilities for pain relief: Our versatile Peanut Therapy Ball is perfect fathers day gift at size: 3.75 inches x 6.75 inches. Extreme sport enthusiast or weekend warrior or suffering from chronic pain - this little device covers all your needs. Electronic high-speed mini Peanut massager with concave sphere. Variable intensity levels for any body shape or size. Use on your legs, neck, shoulders, back, forearms, feet, calves, glute, triceps - any problem area - small or large
  • ★ Increase mobility & reduce stress: See what mental health experts are calling their secret weapon for chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Sciatica, Nerve Pain. Smooth comfort-grip silicone surface with hours of operation so you can take your battery-operated Vibration Peanut Roller on the road, to the office or even the couch while you catch up on your favorite shows. Vibrate tension or knots away on ANY part of your body. INCLUDED Tutorial to get started
  • ★ Long lasting rapid rechargeable battery: Professional Grade 4-speed motor for effective localized pin-point deep tissue massage to your fascia or muscles or ligaments or tendons. Our Massage Ball is lightweight waterproof with a durable motor. Features 10-minute Auto Shut-Off with LED Indicators for battery life and intensity level. Our Vibrating Peanut Roller is TSA friendly so no more tense shoulders or a tight lower back on long plane rides or road trips

LifePro 4-Speed Vibrating Massage Ball - Revolutionary Lacrosse Ball Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy - Vibration Roller Ball for Plantar Fasciitis, Yoga Therapy, Mobility, Myofascial Release Tools

  • SECRET TOOL TO REDUCE PAIN & SORENESS – The Agility vibrating massage balls provides an unmatched comprehensive massage. It is designed to treat small muscle groups. Its high-intensity vibration helps penetrate deep into muscles for an effective tension release massage. It’s a must-have to ease Tightness, Sore Muscles, hand-foot Neck or Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Sciatica, and Nerve Pain.
  • TRUSTED BY ATHLETES, PERSONAL TRAINERS, AND PHYSICAL THERAPISTS - Used by professional athletes, fitness trainers and physical therapists around the country, from the creators of the Surger Vibrating Foam Roller the Agility lacrosse balls massage helps the pros excel and reach peak performance levels. With each purchase, you get instant access to our online workout videos, offering instructions, so we can help you achieve your fitness goals too.
  • 4 INTENSITY LEVELS & AN UNRIVALED LONG-LASTING BATTERY – The Agility ball has 4 vibration levels to choose from. Whether you have stubborn, tight muscles to Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release or you just crushed a gym workout and in need of an awesome Recovery tool there’s an intensity level to meet your needs.
  • PORTABLE RECHARGABLE & EASY TO READ MANUAL - The Agility massage ball roller device is lightweight (.66lbs) & Compact at 3.75 inches in diameter making an easy to carry & take along with you for an on the go workout. With a quick easy charge, you can now have your comfortable massage wherever you are. It is as well TSA-compliant so you can take it with you when traveling making it perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts on the go.
  • EVERLASTING COMMITMENT: We’re always on your team. Every Agility muscle foot massage ball massage tool bearing our name undergoes rigorous scrutiny to make sure it delivers on power and efficacy, and customers enjoy LIVE support from our ‘guiding angels.’

Sports Stable High Density Foam Manual Massage Balls

  • EASY TO USE apply body weight pressure as required on/around fascia to relieve muscular tension
  • RAPID RELIEF of tightness and aching in the small muscles as well as larger muscle groups
  • OPTIMISED FUNCTION AND SAFETY High density foam compresses skeletal muscle while protecting bone
  • PROMOTES BLOOD FLOW increase range of motion decrease injury likelihood accelerate muscle recovery (
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT Roll out tight muscles on the move, fits easily in your travel or gym bag

TriggerPoint Universal Double Massage Ball 8-Inch Textured Roller

  • Peanut-shaped, textured 8-inch massage roller is ideal for targeting large muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads
  • Textured surface pattern increases mobility and aids in recovery post-workout; ergonomic design helps target hard-to-reach muscles
  • Shape is ideal for massaging along the spinal column without uncomfortable pressure; perfect for relieving tension, releasing tightness, and soothing pain in the back and neck
  • Travel-friendly 8-inch size is compact and portable; fits in gym or work bag for massage on-the-go; EVA foam construction won‚Äôt break down or lose shape after repeated use
  • Roller measures 8 x 5 inches and weighs 0. 90 pounds; water-resistant and easy to clean; manufacturer‚Äôs one-year

Easy FoxY ToY Small Medium Density EVA Foam Roller for Back & Leg Pain; Sore Muscle Recovery; Trigger Point Body Massage Roller 3.75"x18inch for Physical Therapy; Helps as Spine Cracker Stretcher

  • ✅ EASE OFF BACKPAIN: Foam Rollers are perfect stretcher device to get rid of the thightness in your Back. It will help, really! Lower – upper back, your shoulders and neckpain can be treated like a deep tissue massage as often as you like. Using the Roll hurts so good, just allow a little pain in the treatment, do not overdo it. To much pain while rolling is not good.
  • ✅ MEDIUM DENSITY: The Exercise Foam Massage Roller is MEDIUM in it‘s Density (See Picture/Video). A soft touch but firm – medium density. Bones can sink in the foam so that the muscles are massaged, it is NOT super soft! Ideal for your back to adjust displaced spines of your spinal column, a spine stretcher. Fascial roller works perfectly with the Melt Methode. The Stretching Equipment does exactly what it is supposed to do.
  • ✅ PLEASANT MASSAGE: Handheld Body Foam Roller has a diameter of 3.75inch and is 18inch in length. Advantage of the small diameter, you can bend your back fully. It keeps you closer to the ground and allows to have more control over the amount of weight you apply as you roll.
  • ✅ GREAT GIFT: The Foot Foam Roller is a Great Birthday Gift for your husband, wife, everybody with chronical back and leg pain. They will LOVE you for this useful present.
  • ✅ YOUR PERSONAL MASSEUR: Using the Yoga Foam Roller is like a Deep Tissue Massage in the comfort of your own home. The Travel Foam Roller is your personal massager. It is great for rolling out your sore muscles and pain at the end of a long, stressful day
  • ✅ RECOMMENDED: The Trigger Point Foam Roler is highly recommended by phyisical therapist‘s and trainers. Gyms use it in the daily training workout as well. Athlets swear by it. The Medium soft Foam Muscle Roll is easy to use for legs, thighs, calves, buttocks, back popper, shoulders, arms, and neck.

RumbleRoller Beastie Original Adjustable Peanut

  • ADJUSTABLE - Adjustable spacing allows for more comfortable placement when treating areas around the spine and sensitive ligaments.
  • TARGETED RECOVERY - The “peanut” design combines the benefits of foam rolling with the benefit of targeted pressure. Being able to secure the tool and keep centered along your spine helps target problem areas long the neck, upper, and lower back while not causing discomfort along the spine.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS - If you have physical limitations that make it difficult to get on and off the floor, or if you’re in an environment (such as an office) where foam rolling isn't appropriate, use a Beastie in your chair or against a wall for quick relief.
  • MADE IN USA - All Beastie products are manufactured in the USA from premium quality materials.

TRX Rev Myofascial Release Roller, Muscle Massage Roller, Deep-Tissue Roller

  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: You get a 14-inch myofascial roller that features smooth rings on each end and facilitates a consistent deep-tissue release. This trigger-point roller can target the neck, back, knees, hips, and wherever you hold tension.
  • ALL LEVELS, ALL GOALS: Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or pushing toward your summit, the TRX Rev foam roller is designed to help athletes at any level reach their fitness goals.
  • TRX TRAINING CLUB FITNESS APP: Get unlimited access to TRX’s virtual fitness studio with premier training experiences that include live classes led by world-class trainers 7 days a week and hundreds of self-guided on-demand workouts.
  • PORTABLE FOAM ROLLER: Use this massage foam roller on its own or pair it with your TRX Suspension Trainer or any workout that gets you moving. It is designed with lightweight foam and measures 14" in length, making it a travel-size foam roller.
  • TOTAL-BODY ROLLER: Maximize your post-workout recovery with hyper-focused myofascial release to increase blood flow, enhance overall mobility and flexibility, help reduce pain, and improve performance. Take your workout to the next level.

Trigger Point Ball, Peanut Ball, Massage Balls,2-Piece Double Lacrosse Ball, for Myofascial Release, Acupoint Massage, Massage Tools for Deep Tissue

  • Package description: peanut ball 2 Pieces (1*green,1*blue),4.9*2.5* 2.5 in. /(12.5*6*6cm)*2.
  • Perfect design: The uniquepeanut massage ball is a great way to relieve tension, relieve pain and improve circulation by stimulating blood flow and the nervous system for muscle massage, use a massage ball before and after exercise to relieve tension and release muscles, which can be used throughout the body.
  • Versatile: Small and easy to carry, portable for use in a gym or on a trip, Yoga, gym, office, home, plane and daily commute, suitable for all ages, beginners to professionals, men and women.
  • High Quality Materials: This massage tool is made of environmentally friendly plastic rubber, without the unpleasant chemical smell of many other balls, harmless to adults and children, and durable.
  • Easy to use: self massage tool, before and after exercise, lean against the massage ball, use your own weight to trigger the massage, place the ball on the floor or wall and then lie on it, rolling slowly, give yourself foot massage, leg massage, back massage, hand massage, shoulder massage, neck massage, head massage.

SPAREN Silicone Lacrosse Massage Ball for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep-Tissue Massage, Foot and Back Massage, BPA-Free Muscle Roller Ball, Fascia Ball, Acupressure Ball (Blue)

  • VERSATILE MASSAGE TOOL: Each order comes with One (1) silicone lacrosse massage ball; The hand massage ball is ideal for Deep-Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Plantar fasciitis, Muscle pain relief and relaxation, Acupoint massage, and physical therapy; The massage ball has the ability to loosen up tough-to-reach muscles/knots.
  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS: When used for massage, our muscle roller balls can decrease muscle tightness and muscle soreness, sooth aching muscles, increase range of motion and enhance muscle performance, and prevent muscular injury. Perfect to use for neck massage, shoulder massage, back massage, leg massage, foot massage, and as therapy massage ball.
  • EASY TO USE: Use it before workout as a warm-up tool to activate muscles like your glutes or your shoulder; Use it after workout to loosen tight muscles and relieve muscle tensions and tightness; good to combine the ball with a stretching routine. Use the ball against a wall or the back of a chair, on the floor, or with your hands.
  • DURABLE & PORTABLE: Diameter: 2.48 inch (63mm); weight: 5.15 oz (146g); Solid construction, smooth surface texture, firm but not too hard. Portable, suitable for gym, home, office, and on the road. Specifications meet the NOCSAE standards and the ball is perfect for lacrosse practice.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL FOR YOUR HEALTH: Our massage balls are made of food-grade silicone, not cheap rubber. They are BPA-free, odorless, pets and kids friendly.
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