UltraPoi - Helix Poi - LED Poi Set - Best Light Up Glow Poi - Flow Rave Dance - Spinning Light Toy

  • This Complete Poi Kit comes fully Assembled and includes a Carrying Bag!!!
  • Eye-Catching Brightness,Slow rainbow fades, Single colors and Strobe patterns.
  • Soft Case Technology, Great for Beginners to Advanced, and Fun for all Levels.
  • Uses Replaceable or Rechargeable AAA Batteries for 12 Hours of fun Spinning!
  • UltraPoi’s Quality and Durability are Guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Falcon FIRE Devil Stick (65mm Wicks) by Fyrefli - for Beginners & Pro's Alike! with Wooden (Silicone Coated) Handsticks, and a Flames N Games Devil-Stick Travel Bag!

  • Falcon FIRE Devil Stick (65mm Wicks) by Fyrefli - for Beginners & Pro's alike! With Wooden (silicone coated) Handsticks, and a Flames N Games devil-stick Travel bag!
  • Produced from a red anodized centre tapered aluminium tube and fitted with 65mm kevlar fire wick that incorporates built in fuel reservoirs for extended burn time. This devil stick is also great for twirling too due to its elegantly designed shaft. ( 18 -12mm ). Fire Devilstick stats: length: 700mm (27"), weight: 250g, wicks: 50cm x 65mm.
  • Excellent, clear silicone-coated control hand sticks made from a hardwood dowel core and covered with a 2mm thick ultra sticky silicone which provides excellent grip as well as superb fire resistance! To finish of these hand sticks a glossy rubber ends have been fitted on each end. Tip: To get the best grip from the silicone handsticks make sure to wipe them with a damp cloth and then let them dry before you start playing. Devil stick stats: Length: 45cm, weight: 74g.each. diameter: 16mm
  • Travel bag. Excellent for transporting & storing any fire or decorated devil stick and hand sticks. These bags are made from a heavy duty, heat & waterproof material which makes them perfect for storing hot, soaked and smelly fire devil sticks as well as keeping together your beloved set of devil sticks. A few extras: 1. The all new adjustable shoulder strap. 2. A box type pocket that is big enough to accommodate a wallet, phone and some keys!
  • Visit our Flames N Games Amazon store for the full range of Devilsticks, Flowersticks & accessories we have available as well as the massive range of other circus skills toys, juggling & fire spinning equipment!

Play Juggling Contact Pendulum Poi 80mm (Green)

  • Contact poi represents one of the latest innovations in poi spinning.
  • With the PX3-esque knobs users are able to let go of their poi mid-throw to dazzling effect.
  • The knob is the perfect counter-weight for throws allowing better control.
  • The individual poi ends are 80mm/150g Stage balls which means spinners can go from more traditional poi routines to isolations and body-rolling moves as if using a plastic contact ball.
  • The length of string is easily adjustable for users of all ages and sizes.

UltraPoi - UltraKnob LED Swivel Handles Set (Pair (2)) - Rainbow LED Poi | Raves and Concerts

  • World’s first RGB LED Poi and Flow Knob
  • The UltraKnob has a super comfortable knob shape and grippy silicone shell which is awesome for tosses and comfortable to spin all night, in many different weather conditions.
  • This knob allows you to easily use any of the colors of the rainbow as well as mind blowing strobe patterns like dazzling meteor trails and mellow morphs!
  • Durable, bright, versatile & reusable - Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes 2x UltraKnob LED Handles

speevers Sock Poi Set for Beginners and Professionals, Non Stretch Super Soft Net 5 Colors Available, LED Light Show, LED Juggling Ball Props (Pink)

  • Recommended By Top Performers – Ben Drexler: "I've been using them since I got them - frequently for both flow and practice". The BEST CHOICE of Glowing Sock Poi, with everything you need to go pro.
  • 2 Socks 3 Types Of Handles - HOOK Handles, fits quickly onto the sock net making it easy to change the length at any time. Swivel handles, for high edge performance. Silicone ball Handles for throws.
  • One Set Myriad Opportunities - If you are just starting out or you are a seasoned pro, use this set to “FLOW” you into the innovative world of SPEEVERS Modular Juggling Light Props.
  • Made From The Best Materials - Our Sock Poi are made from durable, machine washable material and they will never stretch nor let you down.
  • 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed – This is a RISK-FREE limited time offer deal for proffesional spinners! MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR FATHER MOTHER BROTHER SISTER HUSBAND WIFE BY SPEEVERS.

ChuhapII YuXing Pair of Professional Contact Poi Juggling Balls with 3.4" Stage Ball and 19.3" Nylon Cord

  • 🏆 Made in China, by YuXing TOY-a manufacturer with 13 years experience in juggling sets
  • 🏆 The price is a pair of Maori POI balls
  • 🏆 It's a cool juggling set that combines tradition with fashion
  • 🏆 Suitable for beginners to practice and professional players to show skills
  • 🏆 Patient after-sales service

speevers Training Sock Poi Set for Beginners and Professionals, Non Stretch Super Soft Net 5 Colors Available, LED Juggling Ball Props (Orange - Yellow)

  • Recommended By Beginners And Professionals – Our training sock poi is made of non stretchable, super flexible and air resistible high quality materials.
  • Easy Adjustable Hook Handles – Fits quickly and elegantly on the sock poi net making it easy to change the sock length at any time, cross them to make a meteor pattern.
  • Pick Your Own Weight – Our training sock poi comes with a flexible weight bag and a measuring bag to fill in the material you need inside, which will determine the hardness levels.
  • Soft And Safe – one of the worst performance killers is the fear of getting hit by the poi. By filling a soft material inside, you can play our sock poi safely and wildly.
  • Washable – Our sock poi set can be easily cleaned. Sock poi, flowarts, spinning, poi, spinning.

Kickit | The Original Birdie Soccer Trainer | Play Outdoors, Indoors or Backyard, Beach or Tailgate (Single)

  • LET’S KICKIT! - The Kickit is the aerodynamic badminton birdie re-engineered to be kicked with your feet! Designed to slow down in the air so you’ll have more time to react, the Kickit lets you spend more time kicking and learning new skills. This state-of-the-art game makes it easy and exciting to play with friends! Use Kickit to train your soccer skills, improve ball control and master juggling!
  • EASY & FUN! - Kickit has one rule: there are no rules! Players use their feet, head, thighs, and chest… but NO HANDS! Meant to maximize time where everyone can play. Treat Kickit like a soccer game with compact, adjustable court sizes and an easy to pass ball (the Kickit!) that floats through the air so you can keep the game alive and train yourself to learn technical skills. Don’t be afraid to create new games and challenges. Above all- Kickit!
  • SAFE INDOORS & OUT! - The Kickit has a 4” rubber kick-pad that is the secret ingredient to easy kicks, juggling, passing, and learning tricks! It’s made with a five feather formation for greater wind resistance that maximizes time in the air. Expertly designed for extra bounce , gravity controlled weights quickly flip to help you optimize timing on rotation and kick it as many times as you can!
  • THE TOTAL GAME - Kickit is on a mission to bring family and friends closer together with the exciting game we call Kickit! We fell in love with this game when we first played and saw how fun it was! Inspired by JianZi, a sport that has existed since the 5th century B.C. We at Kickit have tips and tricks to help you learn and win because this game is FUN and a great experience for all ages!

TSKX LED Juggling Balls Juggling in The Dark LED Poi Balls Sock Poi Balls-A Pair of Quality Stretchy Lycra Spinning Poi Socks-3-Pack Juggling Balls 2-Pack Socks(5 Packs)

  • 3x Bright LED Juggling balls:LED Juggling balls for amazing spinning,From beginners to advanced, you can impress your friends at parties, festivals and camping, just for fun!
  • 9 colors LED Light Changes - LED poi balls change to blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, light blue, pink, green and white, 8 colors Slow Strobe RGB Effect. Every Balls' batteries included! (3x LR44 1.5V)
  • Durable and Easy to Use - Top quality durable silicone feel juggling balls that each house a super-bright LED unit and are professionally weighted for the perfect and well balanced juggling set!
  • Gifts for All Ages - Glow poi juggling balls are perfect for music festivals, costumes, clubs, parties, raves, dance performances or holiday gifts. Gifts for Beginner Adult & Professional.
  • 100% Warranty - Guaranteed to have you and your audience mesmerised, these battery operated glow juggling ballls are a must have for every jugglers and dancers!

N&P Pixel Whip,LED Fiber Optic Whip with 11 Color Effect Modes 6ft Toy Rave Whip for Dance, Party, Light Show, Music Festival, Red, Blue Green Yellow Purple

  • 【USB Rechargeable】: LED pxel whp can las for 3-4 hours afer a sngle charge Use a USB cable (ncluded) o charge even when you are on he way for a pary or concer I s charged by a power bank
  • 【Easy o Use】one buon conrols,change he modes and colors Long press o urn ON / OFF he space whp,Shor press o change he colors
  • [Mulple color modes]:LED Fber Opc whp,wh 7 lumnous colors and 4 flashng modes for you o choose, make your lfe more cool and colorful
  • 【wde applcaon】Ths led space whp s suable for varous fesvals or pares Such as Chrsmas, Halloween, brhday, Chldren's Day, Concer Lve, Carnval, Rave Fesvals Bars Clubs and so on s also a very good gf
  • 【wde applcaon】Ths led space whp s suable for varous fesvals or pares Such as Chrsmas, Halloween, brhday, Chldren's Day, Concer Lve, Carnval, Rave Fesvals Bars Clubs and so on s also a very good gf
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