American Fishing Wire Black Ball Bearing Swivels (5 Pieces), Size 3, 130 Pound Test

  • Patented bullet shape decreases resistance
  • Solid brass welded rings for maximum security
  • Stainless steel bearings provide fluid rotation
  • Gun metal Black finish minimizes reflections and cloaks the tackle
  • Solid brass body

American Fishing Wire Black Ball Bearing Swivels (50 Pieces), Size 4, 200 Pound Test

  • Patented bullet shape decreases resistance
  • Solid brass welded rings for maximum security
  • Stainless steel bearings provide fluid rotation
  • Gun metal black finish minimizes reflections and cloaks the tackle
  • Solid brass body

American Fishing Wire Black Ball Bearing Snap Swivels (50 Piece), Size 8, 350 Pound Test

  • Patented bullet shape decreases resistance
  • Solid brass welded rings for maximum security
  • Stainless steel bearings provide fluid rotation
  • Gun metal black finish minimizes reflections and cloaks the tackle
  • Tempered Brass Snap designed to stay closed and keep you connected to the fish

Easy Catch 10 Pack High-Strength Fishing Ball Bearing Swivel with Coastlock Snap, Strong Welded Ring for Saltwater Fishing-18Lb to 350Lb (100% Copper+Stainless Steel)(Size 3+3 (60lb) 10Pack)

  • 1. Swivel Made of 100% Copper Body with Stainless Steel Welding Ring. Snap Made of 100% Stainless Steel with Nickel or Sliver Plated
  • 2. Quick Lock-open Design, Change Leaders or Lures in Seconds
  • 3.Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance and Shock Resistance. Approved for Using in Saltwater, High Speed Trolling, Jigging, Offshore Fishing. Small size would work great for freshwater like bass fishing
  • 4. Quantity:10,30 Pack High-strength Fishing Ball Bearing Swivels with Coastlock Snaps
  • 5. Application: For Using in Saltwater, High Speed Trolling, Jigging, Offshore Fishing. Small size would work great for freshwater like bass fishing

Ball Bearing Swivels Fishing Tackle, Barrel Swivels High Strength Stainless Steel Welded Rings Saltwater Fishing Swivels #0 10pcs

  • 【HIGH STRENGTH】JSHANMEI Ball Bearing Swivels are made of copper body with stainless steel welding ring, heavy duty constructed, solid and strong.
  • 【FAST ROTATION】Stainless ball bearings loaded inside the fishing bearing swivels, provide swivels maximum protection against twisted and tangled lines.
  • 【RELIABLE】This fishing ball bearing swivels are made to be corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and shock resistance, spins fast when hang out your fishing lures.
  • 【MULTIPLE SIZES】Size 0 to Size 8 with 35lb to 390lb pulling force. Multiple sizes for multiple fishing situations, freely choose which one you need.
  • 【WIDE USE】Good for various rigs and leader trace making. High performance in bass fishing, general freshwater and saltwater, offshore fishing. Also can be used in any situations where need a spinning connector.

MySit 6.25" Bar Stool Swivel Plate Replacement, Square Swivel Mechanism for Recliner Chair or Furniture - Ball Bearing Swivel Boat Seat

  • BAR STOOL SWIVEL REPLACEMENT--6.25" X 1" size dimension, 2.5mm thickness.
  • MOUNTING HOLE DISTANCE--4.9" (Minmum 120x120mm; Maximum 130x130mm), Hole Size: 7*21mm(Mounting hardware not included).
  • STURDY & WELL-CONSTRUCTIVE--The swiveling barstools made with high quality stainless solid steel ball-bearing construction with black coating finished. 2.5mm thickness, much thicker than regular swivel plate.
  • 360 FREE & SMOOTHLY ROTATION--Using this bar stool swivel plate with 40-50pcs ball bearings swivel much easy and smooth. not easy to deform, have long service life with smooth rotation and low noise.
  • SWIVEL PLATE PERFECT FOR BAR STOOL--This swivel plate are perfect fit for many stools, bar stools,chairs and boat seat,kayak seat,murphy bed, swivel stand, ect. Long-time service life, which difficult to deform and crush with low noise.

Ball Bearing Swivels Fishing, 25pcs Barrel Swivels Fishing Tackle Stainless Steel Welding Rings High Strength Saltwater Fishing Swivels Connectors (Size0 35lbs, 25 Pcs)

  • 【STRONG】SHADDOCK Ball Bearing Swivels are made of Copper Body with stainless steel welding ring,Strong pulling force 35-390lb
  • 【SMOOTH】Stainless steel balls loaded for smooth action, provide swivels maximum protection against twisted and tangled lines.
  • 【CORROSION RESISTANT】Excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and shock resistance,Approved for using in saltwater or freshwater
  • 【APPLICATION】 Fishing Swivel Connectors are good for various rigs and leader trace making. High performance in bass fishing, general freshwater and saltwater, offshore fishing.
  • 【QUANTITY】25pcs High-strength Fishing Ball Bearing Swivels in a bag

Dr.Fish 20 Pack Fishing Swivels Ball Bearing Swivels Stainless Solid Rings Black Nickel Saltwater Swivels Fishing Tackes Heavy Duty Swivels Freshwater Bass Fishing Micro Swivels Lure Connectors 35LB

  • SMOOTH. Loaded with high-class stainless steel balls in the swivel housing, provide maximum protection against twisted and tangled lines.
  • RELIABLE. Excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and shock resistance. Approved for using in saltwater, high speed trolling, jigging, offshore fishing. Small size would work great for freshwater like bass fishing.
  • Great for all kinds of fishing and hunting, gardening, art purpose and any where need a spinning connector.
  • Size: #0 | Strength:35Lb/15kg | Dia.:0.07"/2mm | Length: 0.55"/14mm | QTY.:20PCS

Lazy Susan Rotating Turntable Bearing Hardware 2.8-Inch Square Ball Bearing Swivel Plates Heavy-Duty Steel 200-lb Load Capacity, 5/16-Inch Thick, 2-Pack

  • LAZY SUSAN TURNTABLE BEARING – The Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings are ideal for rotating barstool and shop seats, machine stands, serving trays, kitchen storage racks, planters, small tables, and much more.
  • HEAVY-DUTY LOAD CAPACITY – The square ball bearing swivel plates are available in 2.8-inches with a 200-lb capacity, 3.7-inches with a 300-lb capacity, and 6.1-inches with a 500-lb capacity.
  • ENSURES SMOOTH ROTATION – The turntable bearings provide smooth rotation and can easily be lubricated if needed with WD40. Requires 8 screws for mounting (not included).
  • MADE OF STURDY STEEL – Lazy Susan rotating turntables are made of pressed and stamped steel. 2 mounting plates; one for attaching to a stable surface and the other to provide rotation.
  • ZINC-PLATED FOR RESISTANCE – The Lazy Susan hardware is 5/16" thick for strength and durability and zinc-plated for resistance to corrosion with rounded corners and no sharp edges.

TamBee Heavy-Duty Mute 18 Inch Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearing Turntable Ring Swivel Plate Hardware for Heavy Loads

  • MUTE GAP - The gap between the inner and outer turntables is for mute and heat expansion and cold contraction (the white spacer is not a full circle)
  • MATERIAL - Premium aluminum alloy, steel ball. Single-row bearing for supporting radial loads
  • TOTAL DIAMETER - 450mm/18", THICKNESS - 14mm/0.57", BEARING BALLS DIAMETER - 8mm
  • ANTI-DAMAGE PACKAGE - We use thickened paper carton and foam packaging to ensure that the product can be delivered in good condition

AMYSPORTS High Strength Fishing Snap Swivels Ball Bearing Swivels Stainless Fishing Swivels Saltwater Corrosion Resistance Barrel Swivel for Freshwater Fishing 25pcs 77lbs

  • High Quality: AMYSPORTS fishing snap swivels are made by copper body and stainless steel snap. Nickel finish the whole fishing snap swivels body.
  • Freely Spin: 360 degree high speed rotation fishing snap swivels, imaging your fishing lure swim like real fish. Attracking more fishes without fishing line twist.
  • Durable: Ultra strong fishing snap swivels. Excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, shock resistance and tension. Say no to line cut.
  • Snap Lock & Solid Ring: Quick lock-unlock fishing snap swivels, change fishing lures and leaders rapidly. Solid welding ring connected smoothly with fishing line. Fast and smooth rotation without damage the line.
  • Wide Applications: The fishing snap swivels are applicable for various kinds of fishing, like saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, onshore fishing and offshore fishing.

AMYSPORTS Ball Bearing Swivels Connector High Strength Stainless Steel Solid Welded Rings Barrel Swivels Saltwater Freshwater Fishing 25pcs 44lbs

  • 【High Strength】Built in 100% copper body with two welded rings for high strength. Strong pulling force.
  • 【High Speed Rotating】With 3 stainless steel ball bearings in. More smooth in rotation. Don’t worry that the line get broken and twisted.
  • 【Corrosion Resistant】Corrosion resistant. No problem to use in freshwater or saltwater.
  • 【Multiple Sizes】 Size 0 to Size 10 with different pulling force. Multiple sizes for multiple fishing situations. Freely choose which one you like.
  • 【Wide Use】It’s sturdy and durable for offshore fishing. Good use for bass fishing, fresh water fishing or saltwater fishing. Or, for daily use, such as connecting two things or decorating your house.

Dr.Fish Lot 20 Ball Bearing swivels 100% Stainless Steel Dual Spinning Welding Ring,#2 130Lb

  • Upgraded Premium Material: Made with 100% top quality stainless steel, these swivel snaps have unparalleled strength comparing to others on the market that are made with copper. Stainless steel is known to have much better toughness and tenacity than copper.
  • Advanced Design: Unique dual spinning design. Both top and bottom end of the swivel are rotatable, unlike others, which only the bottom end can spin. With 6 stainless steel bearing balls loaded, these swivels will take the smoothness to an unprecedented level.
  • Anti-Corrosion: Needless to emphasize, stainless steel have incredible anti-corrosion ability. Other copper swivel are easy to rust after the coating fall off, while ours stay smooth and shiny all the time.
  • Advanced polished and smoothen surface treatment, zero harm to line and lure.
  • Strength test from 65 to 530LB. Available in 10 or 20 per pack.

BeneLabel Swing Swivel with 2 Bearing, 360 Rotation, 770LB Capacity, Safest Rotational Device Hanging Accessory for Web Tree Swing, Aerial Dance, Children's Swing, Yoga Swing Sets

  • BEARING SWIVEL:The innovative bearing design swivel offers smooth and frictionless rotation.Very Compact and Symmetrical Swivel.The large bearings we use are more load-bearing and can be used more widely.
  • OPENING DESIGN:One end interface with detachable design.Opens and closes smoothly.Allow quick connect/dis-connect of ropes, chains and straps.Easy to use, richer application scenarios.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE:Use with Hanging Swings, Clambing, Aerial Silks, Pod Kids Swing,Outdoor and Indoor Chair Nook, Net Spider Web Round Swing,Outdoor Swing N' Spin,Tree Swing Strap, Saucer Spinner Tree Swing, Swing Strap, or Anywhere You Need Dependable, Smooth Rotation Without Twisting Chains or Ropes.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE,HIGH HARDNESS:304 stainless steel rings made of high quality raw materials.No rust,corrosion resistance,high hardness, non-toxic and pollution-free environment.Suitable for any scene.
  • WHAT YOU GET:Recommended for Ages 12+. 360° Swing Swivel with 2 Bearing ,our 30-DAY MONEY-BACK guarantee for any reason and friendly helpful customer service. US Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.

Dailydanny Heavy Duty Bar Stool Swivel Replacement for Recliner Chair & Bar Stool Square Swivel Furniture Replacement(Ball Bearing) (6 inch)

  • Made of steel, this swivel plates are strong, sturdy, and reliable.
  • This flat swivel plate is full ball bearings and no need a plastic race to keep the ball bearings separated apart from each other. This also means better at distributing weight and a longer lasting smoother running swivel.
  • Diameter: 160x160mm/6"x6" , Thickness: 2mm/0.08"
  • Great for replacement use on many stools, such as chair dining,table,TV,sofa etc.
  • Each package included one chair swivel plate (Mounting hardware not included).

SELEWARE Bearing Swing Swivel, 360 Rotational Device Hanging Accessory for Web Tree Swing, Hammock Chair, Climbing Rope, Aerial Yoga, Kids Swing Swivel,Hold Up to 1200LB

  • GREAT CHOICE TO UPGRADE FOR ALL KINDS OF RIGGING AND HANGING: For Using with Static and Dynamic Ropes Placed Between a Load and Either Rope or Cable, Can Be Rotated 360 degree, and The Rope Does Not Twist Knot.
  • PATENTED INNOVATIVE DOUBLE SEALED BALL BEARING DESIGN SWIVES: Frictionless 360°Free Rotation, Very Compact and Symmetrical Swivel, Total Weight Limit - 1,200 lbs,bearings 800 lbs rotate freely.
  • EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY: Supports Hanging Swings, Hammocks Chair, Climbing, Aerial Silks, Pod Kids Swing, Outdoor and Indoor Kid's Chair Nook, Net Spider Web Round Swing, Swing N' Spin, Tree Swing Strap, Rigging, punching bags, or Anywhere You Need Dependable, Smooth Rotation Without Twisting Chains or Ropes.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GURANTEED: If you are dissatisfied for any reason, return your order within 30-Days for full refund, we will always go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with your customer experience with SELEWARE. US Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.

2WAYZ 6 Lazy Susan Ball Bearing Swivel Plate Attachment. Stable (0.8MM Thickness) Turntable Base Hardware, Perfect as a Spinner Replacement Part. Enjoy!

  • 💫 EASY INSTALLATION. Quickly install the swivel plate onto your favorite bar stool or lazy susan, and get ready to spin like a ballerina!
  • 💫OLD CHAIRS. NEW LIFE. LASTS FOREVER. We’ve all got old, unstable chairs lying around. Easily refit and stabilize them instead of settling for rattling and uncomfortable stools, quickly repair them to be as good as new!
  • 💫 SAVE MONEY; REPAIR, DON’T BUY. Your new swivel plate will enable you to save hundreds or thousands of dollars you would have spent on new chairs!
  • 💫 QUIET AND SMOOTH. Not cranky nor disturbing, swivel to the end of time to your heart's content! Swivel is equipped with rubber-coated spring stops.
  • 💫 IF YOU'RE NOT HAPPY – WE'RE NOT HAPPY. At G&S, we pride ourselves with quick responses and 'we've got your back' mentality. If something went wrong with your purchase with us, ping our customer service, and we'll take it from there.

AMYSPORTS Fishing Swivels with Interlock Snap Ball Bearing Swivels Fishing Snap Swivels Saltwater Freshwater Fishing Tackle Leader Lure Jigs Line Fishing Connector 25pcs 20lbs

  • AMYSPORTS interlock snap swivels use a new combination of interlock snap and ball bearing swivel to meet the individual requirements of fishing enthusiasts. Like other types of AMYSPORTS brand fishing swivels, AMYSPORTS interlock snap swivels are high strength, corrosion resistance and high speed rotation.
  • Ball bearing swivel part: The rings are welding solid rings, compared with split rings,solid rings are more strong and won’t cut fishing line. The inside of the fishing swivels are designed with a bearing structure. Therefore, the fishing line twist problem will be effectively solved, and the movement of bait will be more realistic.
  • Interlock snap part: Interlock snap swivels are easy to open and close and hard open on its own for a more effective fishing method. Rounded profile gives good lure action. Such as Minnow, crankbait, jigs, soft lures, spinners, spoons, teasers almost all kinds of lures can have a good action with interlock snap. The snap locks are as reliable as they come.
  • Solid ring and interlock snap material: SUS 304 stainless steel, fishing swivels body material: copper. Overall nickel plated. With the high quality materials, AMYSPORTS interlock snap swivels can be used on saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing and you'll be happy with the performance of these swivels. Use AMYSPORTS interlock snap swivels to connect fishing lines and leaders are also good choices in providing you the flexibility to switch up.
  • AMYSPORTS interlock snap swivels have multiple sizes. Size(small to large): from 0 # to 6 # . Please confirm the size carefully before purchase fishing swivels. (It is common practice to select fishing swivels that have a breaking strength three times the average weight of fish that can be caught.). This contains different sizes, so you can choose if you decide to target different fish or attempt a new approach.

9M Stainless Steel Hanger with Smooth Swing Bearings, Heavy Duty 180+360 Swivel Swing Hook, 1500 lb Capacity Playground Yoga Hammock Chair Rope, sandbag Porch Swing Bag Sleeve

  • purpose: Can be used in indoor or outdoor: including the porch swing, swing chair, swing, yoga, yoga, jungle hammock, coach of the suspension, the Olympic rings, gymnastics, gymnastics rings, chairs for the gym, the gym, sandbags, punching bags, yoga ring, silk air, Pod of children, children chair corner of the net webs swing, swing N 'rotation, manipulation, or anything you need reliable and smooth rotation is not twisted chain.
  • Planar thrust bearing smooth design: the use of "load thrust bearing" components, with wear resistance, heat resistance, anti-aging, special lubrication functions.More flexible and smooth 180°+360° rotation.
  • Weight Limit:This swing hangers holds up to 1500lbs.For your safety,do not over it and 1500lbs may be the best.Safe and reliable.
  • Easy installation: installed Diretely wooden beams, cedar wood, rafters, only a piece of design and can be installed in a few minutes, a good choice to upgrade all kinds of rigging and hoisting, the static and dynamic load is placed between use rope and the rope or cable, rope twist knot, not a type of design, there are no complicated assembly, easy installation and maintenance of facilities.
  • The products we develop are adhering to the following principles: 1. Safety-oriented (products with substandard design and quality will not be issued). 2. Care for the customer (the new product has been experienced and used dozens of times by the designer himself to achieve the most in line with the use habit). 3. Soul product (making the product into a boutique and elf to bring joy to the customer and send away troubles)When you receive a defective product, please contact us. Thank you!

Dolibest Swing Swivel with 2 Bearing,Safest Rotational Device Hanging Accessory for Aerial Silks Dance, Web Tree Swing, Children's Swing, Yoga Swing Sets Hanging Hammock,800LB Capacity

  • High quality: 100% permanent rust-proof SUS304 food grade stainless steel rotating ring, no rust, no corrosion, high hardness, non-toxic, non-polluting environment.
  • Innovative design: Innovative bearing design rotation provides smooth and frictionless rotation, 360° free rotation, very compact and symmetrical rotation, total weight limit of 1,200 pounds, bearing 800 pounds of free rotation.
  • Diamond Design:Wide eye openings of 2 Buckle support multiple carabiners and is triangular shaped, preventing rope or loads from sliding or shifting.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: support hanging swing, hammock chair, climbing, aerial silk, pod children's swing, outdoor and indoor children's chair corners, web-shaped spider web round swing, N-shaped rotating swing, tree-shaped swing belt, cable Reliable and smooth rotation of tools, sandbags or wherever you need, no need to twist chains or ropes.
  • Satisfactory service: Recommended for Ages 12+.Dolibest insists on using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. We are confident to provide a money-back guarantee for our rings. In case they fail to fulfill their promises, please return your order within 30 days for a full refund.US Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.

10Pack Lazy Susan Hardware, 3 Square Ball Bearing Swivel Plate, 120lbs Capacity 5/16 Thick Rotating Disc, Lazy Susan Turntable for Serving Trays, Kitchen Cabinet, Craft Project, Makeup Holder

  • 4INCH LAZY SUSAN HARDWARE FOR DIY TURNTABLE——The Lazy Susan turntable made of high quality steel with zinc plated, rust resistant and build to last, ideal metal turntable bearing for DIY Kitchen Cabinet Storage Rack and Craft Project
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS——Square Lazy Susan bearing is widely used for organizing space and displaying product, perfect for making wood rotating work station, Lazy Susan Shelf and makeup holder, rotating display turntable and craft table
  • EASY TO MOUNTING——The swivel plate can be attached to anything, such as wood base, round board, trays or box; Just attach the swivel bearing to the plate and you can DIY your own rotating bookshelf, serving trays, kitchen storage shelf, spice rack and Lazy Susan cabinet organizer
  • SMOOTHLY SPIN ROTATION PLATE—The Lazy Susan swivel has a ball bearing raceway for smooth rotation and maximum stability; Give it a spin and the turntable will go around and around like a game-show wheel
  • SQUARE LAZY SUSAN BEARING—Package include 5 x Lazy Susan turntable hardware; Size 3.7"x3.7” square, 5/16” Thickness, loading capacity up to 120lbs, small turntable suitable for 12”-19” Diameter work surface

Facikono Saltwater Ball Bearing Swivel Set, Fishing Snap Swivels Heavy Duty Big Game Fishing Tackle Spinner Connector

  • What You Get: 50pcs ball bearing swivels neatly packed in a small durable compartmentalized plastic box(3.8*1.9*0.6in), ranging in 5 sizes, 10pcs of each size.
  • Versatile Swivels: Assorted size of ball bearing swivels can handle your different purposes with ease, used for fishing applications, wind spinners, crafting needs, jewelery making, decoration hangings and anywhere you need a spinning connector.
  • Smooth Rotation: 360° rotation of these ball bearing swivels engineered to good spinning actions. Help prevent twisted and tangled lines (from your main line to leader) and allow fishing jigs to swim and spin freely.
  • Round Weld Ring: Completely welded shut round ring protects against cutting lines. Precise stainless steel ball bearing swivels highly polished with oxidation surface can effectively hold up well to continuous saltwater usage.
  • Solid and Strong: Works great on handling heavy weights, designed to be extremely strong for all types of heavy-duty fishing. Good for various rigs and leaders making.

Dakzhou Swing Swivel 360 Rotary Bearing, 820 LB., Hanging Attachment, Swing, Aerial Dance, Hammock Chair, Yoga Swing, Rock Climbing

  • ✔Bearing device: after installation (needle rolling plane thrust bearing), the force is uniform, the loading force is strong, and the 360° smooth and frictionless silent rotation.
  • ✔Multi-purpose: hanging air dance silk, hanging swing, children's swing pod, mesh swing, tire swing, connecting tree swing belt, rock climbing, hammock hanging chair or need to rotate the suspension items used at the same time, smooth rotation of any item, will not twist the chain or rope.
  • ✔Manufacture of special material: except the bearing, all the other parts are made of stainless steel 304, which is rust proof and durable, safe and firm. The test load can reach 2000LB, but in order to ensure the safety and durability of the product, the load is recommended not to exceed 820LB.
  • ✔Special Performance: With the use of hanging rope or chain can rotate 360°, and the chain rope will not twist knotting, hanging items increase 360 degree rotation greatly improve and enrich the functionality and fun of the project.
  • ✔We develop products products: people-oriented, safety-oriented, to meet the best habits of customers.When you buy unsatisfactory products, please contact us!We will strive to do a good job in after-sales service!

AMYSPORTS Barrel Ball Bearing Swivel Saltwater Stainless Rolling Fishing Swivel Steel High Strength Fishing Swivels Connector Solid Welded Rings Black Nickel 25pcs 44lbs

  • High Performance Fishing Swivel: AMYSPORTS ball bearing swivels are made for high performance in fishing activities. Features of these fishing connectors such as high strength,corrosion resistant,abrasion resistant,ball bearings on for high speed rotation,solid welded ring for high strength power and not cutting line,make it become popular with fishermen.
  • Ball Bearing Swivels: There are ball bearings inside it to make sure more smoother and high speed rotation. To make sure smooth connection and easily using the inside of the fishing swivel is designed with the bearing structure. Therefore line twist problem will be effectively solved, and movement of bait will be more realistic. It will provide more stable connection and durable using.
  • High Strength Stainless Steel Swivels: The stainless steel swivels could make sure high strength,durable connection. The stainless steel and black nickel polished could prevent these from rusting in saltwater. You can freely use it in both saltwater or freshwater. The material keep it from rusting and breaking.You will never lose your connectors on it.
  • Solid Welded Ring & Corrosion Resistant: The solid welded ring is stronger than split ring and difficult to deform.You will never worry about the ring can’t support high strength power. Overall nickel plated to be corrosion resistant. With the high quality materials, these can be used on saltwater and freshwater. You'll be satisfied with the performance of these swivels.
  • Multi Sizes Various Using: These have multiple sizes. Sizes with breaking strength from 31lb to 276lb.Please confirm the size carefully before purchase it. We prepared various sizes ranging from small fish like bass mackerel to large fish like tuna. So that the it can be used for more usages. This contains different sizes, so you can choose if you decide to target different fish or attempt a new approach.

Caija-H 24 PCS Ball Bearing Swivel with Solid Stainless Steel Welded Rings Heavy Duty Fishing Barrel swivels Connector Tackle Fishing Accessories for Saltwater Freshwater 3 Size 0.7g 1.3g 2g

  • High Strength
    This fishing swivel connector Built in stainless steel body with two welded rings for high strength. Strong pulling force.
  • Corrosion Resistant The bearing is very smooth with no play.Fishing barrel swivel materials keep it from rusting and going bad.
  • No more line twist. Ball bearing stainless steel swivels move freer & are longer lasting than standard variety swivels without ball bearings
  • These ball bearing swivels helped mitigate line twist from your main line to your leader and allowed your jigs to swim and spin freely.
  • Size: #3 | Strength:130Lb;DiaA 0.18";DiaB 0.16";QTY :8PCS
    #4 | Strength:200Lb;DiaA 0.21";DiaB 0.21";QTY :8PCS
    #5 | Strength:230Lb;DiaA 0.24";DiaB 0.21";QTY :8PCS
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