Cramer De-Hesive Spray, Easily Removes Athletic Tape Adhesive and Base, Painlessly Remove Ankle and Kinetic Taping Residue From Skin, Athletic Training Equipment, AT Supplies, 8 Ounce Spray

  • Deactivating tape residue is preferable to dissolving residue
  • Don't let your athletes walk around feeling uncomfortable
  • Fast acting spray formula
  • High quality black neoprene

Cramer Q.D.A. Taping Base Spray for Athletic Tape, Wrapping, 8 Ounce

  • A must have accessory for your taping kit
  • Light, quick drying adherent to help secure tape, underwrap and elastic wraps to the skin in order to reduce blister causing friction
  • Specially formulated to dry quickly
  • Branded mirror displays large Cramer logo on rear surface

Cramer Tuf-Skin Taping Base for Athletic Tape, Adherent for Kinesiology Tape, Gymnastics Leotards, Aerial Silks, and Kinetic Taping, Prevents Blisters, Athletic Training Supplies, 4 Ounce Spray

  • Minimize the discomfort of your athletes and apply a tape base
  • Reduce blister causing friction and hot spots
  • Smaller size is ideal for game time portability
  • Won't stain skin or clothes, same formula as the original Tuf-Skin, without the color
  • Colorless Formula, 4 Ounce Spray Bottle

Mueller Pre Tape Spray - 4oz (EA)

  • Mueller TUFFNER Pre-Tape Spray - 4 oz spray
  • 4 oz (113 g) spray
  • Fitness & Rehab
  • Mueller Sports Medicine

Walker Tape 12.0 oz Spray C-22 Adhesive Solvent, 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Custom

  • Sold by Pervana Corporation. Licensed by State of Calif. Board cosmetology
  • Safe for all Lace or Poly skin hair systems
  • Oil Base Product. Easy to Shampoo out.
  • Excellent for cleaning and removing your lace hair system
  • We advise you to wear safety glasses during cleaning process to avoid splash in eyes.

EternaBond EternaPrime Adhesive and Surface Conditioner Spray - 14oz Can | EB-EPSPC | Aids in Adhesion on Dirty or Dusty Surfaces - for MicroSealant and Other Self Adhesive Seaming Tape

  • FOR CONTAMINATED SURFACES: EternaPrime also prepares most contaminated surfaces for tape application by coalescing all loose particles into a solid platform for the EternaBond tape to adhere to
  • SUPERIOR PRIMER: EternaPrime doubles as an excellent primer and conditioner for use with a variety of products such as self-adhered modified bitumen membranes
  • BONDS TO DIRTY SURFACES: Use EternaPrime when surfaces to be bonded are very dirty (oxidized and cannot be easily cleaned), or dusty (like on a tar and gravel roof)
  • USE IN LOW TEMPERATURES: Specifically developed for preparation of surfaces when installing EternaBond tapes in low ambient temperatures from 40° F down to -20° F
  • SURFACE CONDITIONER: Adhesive and surface conditioner intended to aid adhesion of EternaBond MicroSealant tapes and non-MicroSealant tapes such as butyl tapes and other self adhesive seaming tapes

Walker Tape JUST RITE Positioning Spray 4oz bottle

  • Sold by Pervana Corporation. Licensed by State of Calif. Board cosmetology
  • Great Product for Adjusting your System after intial Bonding!!!

Plasti Dip Performix Intl. Liquid Electric Tape BLACK 6oz Spray on

  • Items coated gain protection from moisture, acids, and corrosion
  • A non-slip controlled grip and comfortable
  • Does not crack or become brittle in harsh weather conditions
  • Protection from shock, vibration, and heat.
  • Remove easy from most places when ready to go back to original surface

Duck Products - Duck - Adhesive Remover, 5.45 oz. Spray Bottle - Sold As 1 Each - Save time and aggravation by having the right product at hand. - Liquid solution works on duct tape, masking tape, carpet tape, weatherstripping, mounting tape, labels, stic

  • Save time and aggravation by having the right product at hand.
  • Liquid solution works on duct tape, masking tape, carpet tape, weatherstripping, mounting tape, labels, stickers, gum, tar, caulk and more.
  • Safe for use on all surfaces.
  • Sponge applicator for easy and precise application.
  • Includes built-in scraping tool.

Best Tape Hair Extensions Remover C-22 Citrus Solvent 1.5 ounces Spray Bottle All Natural Wetting Agents Removes Tape Extensions wigs and hair systems that is gentle on the skin

  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE - Breaks down the tape for removal of wigs and hair systems that is gentle on the skin
  • SAFE - Contains Organic Wetting Agents citrus based solution has a fresh scent and rinses out easily with soap and water
  • EASY TO APPLY - simply spray on the unit or tape, allow solution to sit for 15-20 minutes while it breaks down the tape compound
  • DOES THE JOB - organic wetting agents are gentle to the scalp and break down the tape compounds, allowing you to remove a tape system, or wig system quickly.

Walker Tape Scalp Protector Spray 2 oz. (Pack of 2)

  • A thin protective barrier against irritation for clients who are active, have oily skin, or live in humid climates.

C-22 adhesive solvent by Walker Tape C22 Solvent 4 Oz Spray For Lace Wigs & Toupees

  • widely used to remove and clean up all hair adhesive & tapes
  • works great on all lace or poly caps
  • Hair type: Fine

Wigs Glue Remover Solvent 118ML (4oz) Spray for Lace Wigs & Toupees & Hairpiece Tape Remover

  • Specially Designed for Dissolving Wig Adhesives and Lace Wig, Men's Toupee and Hair Closure.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or toxins and no latex, safe for your skin. Remove lace adhesive quickly and efficiently.
  • Reaction Time in as little as a minute to remove wigs adhesives and gllue. Wigs Glue Remover Solvent is safe to remove lace wig glue. Please test on a small skin or scalp before you use it straight on skin.
  • Emits pleasant citrus odor while also rehydrating the scalp. Best Multipurpose Lace Adhesive Remover. Highly Recommended!
  • Strong Glue Remover For Professional And Personal Use. Wigs Glue Remover Solvent 118ML Spray it on tape hair extension bonded tapes. sufficient and quickly.

Walker Tape C-22 Solvent Spray Remover for Lace Wigs, Toupees, and Tape-in 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions (2 Pack w/Free Shark Clip)

  • BOND BREAKER - Removal Formula Specially Designed for Dissolving Wig Adhesives and Tape-In Hair Extensions
  • CITRUS POWER - Contains Citrus Oil to loosen and remove Wig Adhesives and Tape In Human Hair Extensions
  • ENJOYABLE SCENT - Emits pleasant citrus odor while also rehydrating the scalp
  • ACTS FAST - Reaction Time in as little as a minute to remove adhesives and bonds
  • SAFE & RELIABLE - 100% Developed and Manufactured in the USA

Akfix C104 Label Remover Spray for Adhesive Label - Tape - Sticker -Crayon - Marker - Oil with Citrus Scent 200Ml (6.76 FL oz)

  • Directly penetrates to the surface and quickly dissolves adhesive and residues
  • Easy solution for removing window stickers, bumper stickers, tape residue, markers, crayons, lipstick, metal parts, motors, tools and more
  • Safe to use on all nonporous automotive surfaces, metal, paint, bumpers, plastic, and glass windows. Will not damage automobile paint
  • Aerosol spray can allows quick and easy application. Works on many surfaces and has pleasant citrus scent
  • C104 does not contain any cfc propellants, will not damage paintwork or plastics

Tape & Tuffner Remover Spray, Citrus, 10 oz, Loosens Tape Adhesive, Remove Tape from Skin, Counter Tops, and Taping Benches, Remove Pre-Tape Spray and Adhesive Particles

  • Sprays or brushes on outside of tape to loosen layers
  • Removes toughened sprays, ointments, liniments, adhesive particles and rubs from skin.
  • Also ideal for use on taping benches and counters
  • Citrus, 10 ounces
  • Removes pre-tape spray and tape adhesive from skin and countertops

Spin iT Baseball Grip Spray - Bat Grip Tape & Baseball Batting Gloves Supplement - Pine Tar Baseball & Rosin Bags Baseball Replacement - Use with Baseball Net for Hitting and Pitching 2 oz

  • Try the New Spin-iT Baseball & Softball Pitching Training Aids. Spin-iT Spray is perfect when training with Weighted Baseballs or throwing into a Pitching Net with Strike Zone.
  • Start using Spin-iT while practicing on your Baseball Pitching Net then apply it when throwing at Your Baseball Pitching Target. Spin-iT is a must addition to all your Baseball Gear & Baseball Equipment.
  • Toss the Pine Tar Stick Baseball, Spin-iT is the perfect Bat Tape Grip supplement. Apply before Batting Practice in the Batting Cage as well as on your Batting Gloves before you come up to the plate! Spin-iT is the perfect compliment to your Baseball Swing Trainer.
  • Need some extra Bat Grip on your Batting Gloves before you get step in the batters box? Apply Spin-iT over your Batting Tape & feel the bat grip difference.
  • Spin-iT Grip Spray is a must have with your Baseball Stuff & Softball Accessories. The perfect compliment to your Baseball Bat, Baseball Gloves and Baseball Training Equipment.

Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape for Skateboards and Longboards (Medium)

  • SPRAY ON GRIP TAPE For long-boards, skateboards, and surfboards. Our one of a kind two-part grip tape system works and feels just like traditional grip tape. Choose between CLEAR LIGHT, CLEAR MEDIUM, CLEAR HEAVY, GLOW GREEN, and COLOR OPTIONS. Details in the Product Description.
  • RIDE IN STYLE Our transparent finish allows you to see all the creative designs and art on your blank deck. Ride in style, ride in YOUR style
  • REPLACE AS YOU GO Sick of having to replace the entire skateboard or long-board deck with grip tape? This can become extremely costly. With Lucid Grip ONLY replace the areas that are worn down from use. Each bottle contains 2-3 full applications. You can save time and money and get back to skating.
  • USE FOR ANYTHING Our grip tape spray can be used for so much more than just skateboard decks. Boat surfaces, concrete entry steps, garage floors, and any other surface that you want a non-slip, waterproof, weather proof, and life proof surface on.
  • FULL INSTRUCTIONS Included with every package are full instructions and everything you need to complete the application. A link to a video is also included for those wanting a more in depth look at how to properly apply our skateboard, and long-board grip tape on their boards.

Isheeny Lace Wig Glue Remover Spray - Fast Acting Hair Extentions Hair Glue Remover & Tape in Hair Extensions Adhesive Remover, Removes Hair Glue, Wig Tape & Double Sided Extension Tape (118 ml)

  • Specially Designed for Dissolving Wig Adhesives and Lace Wig, Men's Toupee and Hair Closure and tape in hair extensions and hair frontal.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or toxins and no latex so it is 100% safe for your skin.
  • It won't disintegrate and melt your tapes into a mess, It will leave the tape intact so you can peel them off in one piece and fast acting.
  • Emits pleasant citrus odor while also rehydrating the scalp. Best Multipurpose Lace Adhesive Remover. Highly Recommended!
  • If you get extremely nervous about the tape adhesive pulling out your hair you have found the perfect product cause you will have NO hair loss when taking them out with our release and reuse. It makes them quite easy to remove in just seconds. Don't waste your time trying the others. This is the only remover that won't rip any of your hair out. It's fantastic!

Grip-iT Hand Grip Spray | Better Grip for Aerial Silks & Yoga Swing | Tennis Racket Grip Tape & Pickle Ball Raquette Grip Replacement | Confident Pole Grip for Pole Dancing | Rosin Based 2 oz

  • Your Tennis Grip or Pickleball Racket Grip starting to Fray? With Grip-iT no need to swap your tennis racket grips every season.
  • Looking for more grip for your Pole Fitness Routines? Grip-iT is a must with all your Pole Dance Accessories.
  • Work your Aerial Silks routiine with confidence while using Grip-iT! Grip-iT will not leave any residue on your hands or on your silks.
  • Grip-iT is the perfect compliment to any Strength Training Hand Strengtheners. Take your Hand Grippers workout to the next level with our Gripping Spray.
  • Grip-iT is the ultimate Grip Solution for any sport, hobby or job you might have that requires a confident & clean grip!

Gloss Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer Clear Coating Gloss Paint Sealer Spray, Snap and Spray Paint Can Handle Sprayer Tool, Blue Multi-Surface Painters Tape

  • Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer - Specifically Formulated to Seal Craft Projects, Dries Crystal Clear is Non-Yellowing No-Run and Quick Drying, 12 ounce, Gloss
  • Krylon Spray Can Sprayer Handle - Krylon Snap & Spray reuseable spray paint handle for cans. Transform a spray can into a professional sprayer. Exclusive Full Grip trigger eliminates finger fatigue. Improves accuracy and control. Snaps on quick and easy.
  • Blue Painters Tape - 1 roll of Pixiss blue multi-surface painters tape. UV and sunlight resistant. Medium Adhesive. Size: 0.70 in. x 60 yd.
  • Mod Podge Gloss Spray - 12 oz Gloss finish. Dries crystal clear, non-yellowing acrylic sealer. Reduces tackiness. Dries quickly, no running or dripping.

Safe n Easy Goo & Adhesive Remover - Surface Safe - Removes Stickers, Labels, Decals, Tape, Residue, Chewing Gum, Glue, Grease, Tar - Lemon Citrus Scent - 22oz Spray

  • DO IT YOURSELF WITH DUMOND: Includes One (1) Bottle of Safe ‘n Easy Goo and Adhesive Remover (22oz) with Spray Trigger. Formulated with Lovely Citrus Lemon Scent. DIY Friendly
  • MANY USES AROUND THE HOME: Removes everything from wine glass labels to grout and caulking residue. Glues, adhesives, and crayons are no match for our powerful water-based formula.
  • SURFACE SAFE & EASY TO USE: Super Strength - Works on most Smooth Surfaces: Painted Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, Porcelain, Sealed Stone, Fiberglass, and more. Does Not Harm Surfaces
  • IDEAL FOR TEACHERS & PARENTS: We love our kids, but they can be messy! Safe 'n Easy Goo Remover is great on Gum, Crayon, Ink, Tape, Stickers, Window Decals, & other sticky messes kids leave behind.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly manufactured in our US facility with high quality ingredients. Engineered to tackle the toughest gummy, sticky surfaces. Ideal for consumer and professional use.
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